Are smurfs bannable?

Pretty true, but when I have smurfs it can be annoying, but idk, I just learned to deal with it, (which is something not everyone can do, I understand, but yeah having an unfair advantage is like indirectly cheating in a way.)

Very true again. Idk though, I feel like learning a new hero in QP isn’t the best, but I’d like to expand my hero pool and see what rank some of my heroes are at.

Absolutely. The report system doesn’t specify what game mode.

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Ok thanks, just wondering, cuz I had these two afk guys one of my games and wasn’t sure if I false reported them or not.

Smurfs are not against the rules.

Using those smurfs to throw games/drop down ranks/boosting, etc. ARE against the rules.

Just having another account is perfectly fine as you’ll eventually be put back into the skill rating you belong in (as long as you don’t drop rank on purpose).

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I highly doubt they’ll ban you for that, since banning smurfs would also drop sales.

As for deranking, I’m sure majority of us will frown upon that, but it’s really the game’s fault if it allows people to get away with that.

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Thanks, and that’s true.

Although they can’t really immediately ban throwers :(.

A smurf account is not bannable, as the MMR system will learn your skill before you reach level 25 and will begin matching you against opponents of equal skill.

But if you’re deliberately trying to get in Bronze by playing beneath your genuine skill level, then yes. That is bannable.

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Smurfs are not bannable unless they do something that is bannable.
E.G. if your main is diamond, and you’re throwing games to get to Bronze, then yes, it’s bannable

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Short answer: No
Longer answer: Noo

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No this isnt just for competetive, all offenses that are reportable are reportable across all game modes, QP Comp, Arcade, all have the same rules. Throwing in any of those modes is reportable.

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Yeah, it’s reportable, but I have never received a notification of action taken in regards to a QP or Arcade game. I have received several in regards to reporting it in Comp.

I’m not convinced they take action when it’s QP or Arcade, except for Abusive Chat. I have received action notifications for those reports.

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Here is the official statement from the development team on “smurfing”:

…and anyone you suspect is manipulating their SR rank does not need to be reported:

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No smurfing isnt something that will get you banned…

But as you have openly stated your using the account to circumvent matchmaking to play aginst much weaker players than yourself… it should be, as your are essentially using the account to ruin the game for others

IMO report them for gameplay sabotage.
They ruin the game.

You cant pick a game that youre attributing the report to so how would they know which game mode its for. They could obviously have stats of who you played with and in what game modes but what if you played with the same person in both modes around the time you reported it.

the act of smurfing. IE: being in a rank lower then where you belong

isnt on its own bannable. but what is banable is throwing to get and or maintain there.

for instance, if a top 500 player does placements chances are they wont place in the top 500 range. alot of em get put in masters (if they tryhard) or plat/diamond if theyre playing a role they dont usually play (like when kabaji, a tracer/hitscan player did a flex only account…he placed 2700) those ppl are technically smurfs

this is what we call accidental smurfing, it happens we cant help it. ppl react just as negatively too it. but its w/e

then you have people who throw matches to ensure they place lower (or just lose the rank if already placed) these people are what we call throwers. and you can and should report, any and all throwers.

It wasn’t so bad when we had winning streaks. People could climb out of even bronze in about 20-30 matches. Now it’s a slow tedious grind no matter how good you are and how much you hard carry.

This means if people basically throw to get placed in bronze on a new account or derank for what ever reason they can remain at that lower rank for a much longer time without actually throwing matches.

Not to mention the one type of group you can find 99% of the time are those “throw to bronze groups” in LFG. Which blizzard seems to do nothing about despite being obvious and in the open about their throwing. Because they six stack with other people who want to throw, and the enemy team is just glad for an easy win they can derank safely without generally being reported.

Going into bronze games to practice really what does it achieve. All you do is destroy low level players. I feel it teaches you nothing about how to use that hero against players of your skill level.

it should be. since it is giving an unfair advantage to one team, and that is the exact definition under the “Cheating” report dialogue

I’m trying to learn heroes I’m bad at.

Not exactly, unless you’re throwing. As the post above mentioned, smurfs get put in their real rank fast. It’s not reportable.

I’m pretty sure they can check exact times, but if only one person reported, or if they aren’t the same rank as you, then it can be obvious which game mode it was, comp or qp/arcade/ai.

You can climb no matter what if you win all 25 matches though, because that’s a guaranteed 500SR lol.

I’m not saying I’m placing Bronze, it’s just an if then statement. I’m most likely going to place Gold or Plat on my smurf, and from there I’m not sure.

They get up SR really quickly, and if you didn’t buy the account, the MMR is already high unless throwing. I don’t think it should be bannable.

Also, if anybody sees this, is 6 stacking throwing bannable? I see a lot of groups called “Deranking to Bronze”, and since this topic was similar, was curious.