Official stance on smurfing?

I’m not going to make this a pro or anti smurf post… but was is Blizzard’s official stance on this subject? Is it reportable? and if so how would you report it? Or perhaps it is fine and Blizzard just wants to leave the algorithm to sort it out eventually? I can’t seem to find any Blizzard info with a google search- maybe i’m using the wrong terms?

(edit: Assume the person has admitted to smurfing in chat and it’s not a case of the person being an a talented new player)

Having an alt-account is okay. Actively throwing/sabotaging matches to derank is not okay.

So unless you caught a player in the act of throwing there is nothing to report.


Jeff has also said that they don’t believe people making alt accounts is as big of an issue as people think because their matchmaker supposedly puts them where they are meant to be quickly (In an example he brought up a streamer whose new alt account’s MMR apparently matched their main account’s MMR in something like 15 games)

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Blizzard’s official stance is they are fine with it so long as they aren’t throwing games. That being said you are allowed to report anything you want for any reason you want.

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They like to dance around the issue, but the report system is automated and they have even stated you can false report as long as the team deems it… Not false? Rofl.

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I’m pretty sure their stance is not seeing it as much of an emergency because the MMR ends up placing them in their rank fairly quickly after starting placematches. But the problem is smurfs intentionally staying below low levels to roll teams for whatever reason.

Last message I seen directly from Jeff was that they do not need people reporting smurfing because they already have an analysis crew that’s working on determining the behavior

I do just wanna let people know that smurfing is a pretty big problem but consoles make it a bit harder to deal with considering the only limit we have with accounts is the amount of accounts we can have on the console at one time. So people can just delete and create a new account in like 6mins 10mins max with PlayStations authentication system that has been in place

That just sounds like reporting with extra steps

False reporting is okay too. Never heard of a single instance of anybody getting actioned because they false reported someone. If that were the case, 99% of people would have their accounts banned for all the false reports that get tossed around.

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XQC did.

He got banned for a week for false reporting a Sym player.

Now, to give some slacks, that Sym was a thrower who have been throwing his games for weeks I think. But he didn’t send 1 or 2 in the same game, he sent around 10 in said game with “F You” as the description, causing the automod to kicked in and ban his butt.

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LOLOL… Jeff says… Jeff just counts his bonuses from letting smurfs buy accounts to cheat and play lazy