Smurfs are not cheaters?

Smurfing is the action of purposefully downgrading oneself from one rank to another in order to stomp.

Owning an additional account is not inherently smurfing.

Throwing games is against the rules. Therefore owning another account is not cheating or against the rules but smurfing is.

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[wrong responder]


if smurfs are cancer on pc have u ever tried smurfing on console? its worse

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or, not and.

It’s not a third party program AND

it’s a third party program OR…

Just report them anyway. The reports are automated, not manual, and if they get enough they will be banned


For the record:

Please report anyone deliberately throwing matches, but boosting is something that is not so easily perceived and it is specified that we should not report boosting:

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Um, throwing games to keep your rank low is against the rules and is a suspend-able offense.

Not to mention, it’s also super pathetic to keep your rank low to beat up on lower ranked players.

They need to do something about the deluge of new accounts that aren’t actually new players. It’s absolutely ruining the game.

I don’t report them yet, but man, I want to.

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Knowingly and purposefully exploiting the matchmaking? Yeah, technically not cheating but shouldn’t be tolerated.

I don’t know why every person who’s addressing a smurf is addressing “throwing”. There’s no way to catch someone who wants to soft throw, somebody could get 200 healing per minute on purpose just to throw and you’ll never catch, it’s impossible since there’s no public stats in game to correlate with the rank you’re at. (“Throwing” doesn’t address the problem of “Smurfs”)

A smurf is a player who is a higher rank player than what they claim on the (lower rank account) to deceive the game to put them in lower ranked matches to dominate the lower ranks.

If you see a level 26, with a overwatch logo default profile picture, playing well above your rank (you naturally know how good the average DPS are in your rank), then he’s a smurf… a blatant one, purposely there just to ruin the competitive match.

They have already done something they said it’s fine.
Just because someone is better than you does not make them a smurf no matter what the forum definition of the term is

There didn’t used to be so many new accounts. The storm of new accounts after the last sale is crazy. I see one very low level player in every one of my games, often several.

You can’t tell me some idiot coming in at level 8 and dominating a plat level game is not someone abusing a new account. That guy isn’t new.

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If someone is better than you and has reached t500 on 7 accounts, then they shouldn’t ever get matched to a game as a plat/diamond.

If it is a new account the game has no way of knowing what their other accounts are so they need to climb like everyone else

Stop buying new accounts!!! Every time you do it ruins a bunch of games.

Play your real account.


I.P. and hardware IDs.

Does what ? I have 6 computers in my house right now capable of playing overwatch and all of them would show the same IP and hardware ID to the server.
There is no way to know the same person even on the same computer much less network is playing.

That’s not how hardware IDs work.


The mac address ( hardware ID ) sent with my IP is my router not my computer. And it’s stupidly easy to spoof.

I think hardware ID has to do with your processor, video card, etc. It’s not just mac address, that would basically just be the same as your IP address.