Remove the ability to hide your profile

Blizzard, nobody needs to hide their profile. I want to be able to look at profiles. Especially on the opposing team. Today alone I have found LOADS of players who have like, 2-4 hours play time on an account but who are getting 90 eliminations on a single map. This is so blatantly players griefing the system trying to play below their rank. You need to put a stop to this. Let us see the player’s stats–if the stats are wack like that, then we will report them, you can check the stats after the report reaches you. When you see that it doesn’t add up, you just perma-ban the account and all accounts associated to that IP, or subsequently better yet, do it by credit bureau check, then revoke the right for that consumer data to ever make another account.


The problem is hero sr is needed. They need to just scrap this counterwatch and 222 already

Nobody ever looks at someone else’s profile with good intentions



I’ve never made my profile private. I have never even been told that it’s private. That’s a Blizzard default then, which is even worse because I never opted it private.

You just showed exactly why the default is and should stay private.

There shouldn’t BE a private option.

Tell me one good reason why there should be.

This thread and your entire attitude towards other players is the reason why there should be private reason.

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That’s meaningless. Define your terms. What about this thread, or an attitude, marks a “good” reason to have a private option?

The purpose of this thread is to communicate to Blizzard that there shouldn’t be a private setting on accounts because they “obviously” won’t take it upon themselves to police their own game, so in light of this, the accounts should never be private so we can police it for them.

Then all they would have to do is actually ban people.

There’s NOTHING about this thread that isn’t just. People who are nefarious deserve punishment.

Your recent spam of threads and posts are all about trying to use private profile data to falsely report and encourage punishment of players who play “too good” for their rank, which is not against the rules. Blizzard put in private profiles specifically because people like you are misusing the profile data, and your posts just further support Blizzard’s findings.


Funk tha police comin
straight from the underground

Read my other post. It wouldn’t be difficult at all to screen out the players who are playing really well and the ones who are purposely playing outside their league. Nobody is saying we need to falsely accuse people of wrongdoing. Trust me, the programming knowledge exists to weed out the bad eggs.

Which Blizzard is already doing: