Smurffs. - You have got to be kidding me

With all of the complaints on here about SMURFFS. :expressionless:

Where is a dev response on how much Alternate accounts are DESTROYING this game? Does anyone want Bonuses or profits anymore? I could write 99 reasons why this game has turned into what it has, based upon Blizzard’s history repeating itself. :cry:

This is a FUN company, don’t get me wrong. Blizzard Entertainment has some of the coolest concepts and designs that has ever been conceived. :smiley: I mean when World of Warcraft took the WORLD, OUR world by storm from all the concepts ever done. We all gravitated towards this company as FANS.:slightly_smiling_face:

My rant;

I had some really great games today in Competitive play. The last 2 matches I got tonight were CLUELESS team mates, all which were accounts UNDER lvl 100. :face_vomiting:

  • Is this some sort of JOKE? :confused:
  • Is this a 3rd party data center person wanting to RUIN the company or what? :fearful:
  • Are there scripts that need to be PURGED from the system and nobody can access the file, because it is locked out (pinkslip encryption). :frowning_face:

This whole alt-account non-sense, and them being placed into teams where people have played their account for some time… This situation has GOT to go. How can this even be a FUN or fair game, when we literally have the WORST match-ups here, and no response to it.:confused:

Blizzard, Many of us were BIG time customers of yours back from the Days of World of Warcraft and that cash COW sunk. Remember HONOR BUDDY, PRIVATE SERVERS and C-GOLD FARMERS on Shadowmoon valley and how MUCH it ruined the game, let alone the economy for that game!? There was NOBODY playing PVP anymore. :cry:

The smurff-matchups and new accounts…being mixed in the way they are, are SINKING this game into the problems it has. Player frustration is at an all-time high and the inspiration for this game is NOT there anymore for MANY gamers. :cry:

With the 3rd anniversary to Overwatch. I propose we toast to a great year and HOPES that the Team will come forward and put matches into a NEW position, so players can continue to share the Blizzard Experience for generations to come! :upside_down_face:

I am not being rude. I am just wanting this game to stand the test of time and we all can stay here and NOT want to leave. :slightly_smiling_face:


What is a Smurff tho?

You are welcome to read the rest of the forums what a Smurff or a person smurffing is. :wink:

I proposed many times already, set entry lvl for comp at lvl100


Due to misconceptions on what a smurf actually is, it is very important that you give us your definition so we understand the context of your post.

Heck even suggesting they set it to 50 and people have conniptions… there are posts where some players want the restriction level removed entirely :roll_eyes:

Let’s not confuse alting, something I guarantee you even Jeff K. probably does, to smurfing (intentional throwing to then beat lower players)

That would be a smurf fest, then.
Playing on lvl25 acc atm. QP though

I cringed at all the emojis, Instatrash ruined it. Other than that, I doubt blizzard will do anything at all. Unfortunately

It inflates the absolute heck out of their account numbers so they won’t. Most if not all of the popular streamers play on Smurf’s and these are the people advertising their game.

And they make boat loads of money from it

Blizzard does not care, it’s that simple. Remember the Mega Mercy nerf thread? 20K replies? Have they listened to any of those?

If they increased the level requirements for comp from 25-50, I can easily see many people getting heavily discouraged from buying smurf accounts.

A win for the playerbase but a loss for Blizzard cause less $$$ which is why they won’t do it.

Some idiot at high elos (diamond and above) that habe more money than braincells to buy another “copy” of OW and purposely keep themselves at low ranks, and that brings two consequences: to keep their ranks low, they cause the entire team to lose. When they want to win, their skill level will give the team an unfair advantage.

Wow this post was all over the place.

Lots of assumption, lots of unrelated correlation and causation, comparisons that don’t relate, and conspiracy theories. All of which still didn’t really resolve all that much or bring up much of a point.

I’m sorry, I usually have something to argue against or reply to in order to maybe encourage some conversation, but this was all very hard to follow and nonsensical.

Smurfs are a huge problem on console. In in diamond and most competive games have at least one smurf account. I once had 12 games in a row with multiple smurf accounts.

It needs to be addressed. Something needs to be done.

Here you go:



Source: Serious question: Is smurfing cheating?

Exactly how would you even propose handling this? As far as I can tell, there is no effective solutions that don’t comprise on honest players (both new and experienced) from being able to properly play this game.

increase the level from 25 to 75 to make sure the new player experiences well with the characters and the veterans lose interest in doing another account, at least I hope that please do so in consoles for the smurfs in consoles are extremely toxic, for example do not mind doing throwing as it does not affect them at all and can do any number of accounts they want in ps4 for example taking advantage of the account exploit and thus play the game for free and using the ps plus free trial. In PC I do not think that being smurf is as bad as it is in the console since at least they buy the game again, and I doubt that they will throw that investment into the drain.

The problems with increasing the experience level is that new players themselves would become discouraged from playing very long and even if they did unlock Competitive would develop even worse habits of bad play from the chaos that is quick play.

and how about a midpoint between these levels, level 50 ?.
I agree that the new players would lose their intentions to play and also that they may acquire bad habits of QP, but I also think that they should have a little more experience with the other characters before throwing themselves into the mouth of the wolf but mainly the intention is Smurf players think before making another account, as I said on PC I do not see a problem with them because they need to buy the game again and are generating revenue for the company, but on consoles they do not have to pay and for This reason ellis play as they please because their main account is not going to receive any penalty and above all they will ruin the game experience to other people, thus affecting the intentions to continue playing. Thanks for your attention.