Private profiles need to be removed

When playing a match against the “gold widows” or “gold mcree” that hit about 80% of their shots… profiles need to be unlocked so when reporting for boosting we can have the stats to include in the report.

If their average stat shows a 40% hit rate, then in matches they shouldn’t consistently perform at 80-85% hit rates. I know this is falling on deaf ears at Activizzard since their stock dropped 30% and they say eff the consumer, but thought id mention it


I didn’t like private profiles either but you are about to get a large amount of backlash for this, so for now I’ll just kick back with this popcorn.


Oh i know. The blizzard community is basically what xQc said it was. They think everything blizzard does is golden and perfect but meh.


Private profiles were the worst thing that ever happened to this game.


Reports are for actions in the current game, not based on how their profile looks. Playing better than you is not a reportable offense.


you can tell who is boosting and who isnt… being good isnt the issue. Its being abnormally good in ranks where that level of play isnt seen enough to be considered average. I would assume since you defend the position and call it “being better than X” you must do this action yourself. Only logical reason someone would NOT want this fixed or just be a troll about level of play

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Profiles should have have existed in the first place… That’s my stance on it…


i’lll just say it

customer privacy is more important than your SR


Being good is not a reportable offense.

Sure, whatever you say.


how is a profile in the game with stats “customer privacy”? On what planet do you live where IN game stats should be considered customer privacy


Earth, Overwatch, as evident by private profiles.


my thoughts exactly.

I dont report good people… just ones that clearly arent gold or silver. Gameplay sabotage… making ranks meaningless would fall under this. Also if you watch the interview, playing below ones level is banable so nice try smurf kid.

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Blizzard has their stats.



You can’t just report someone because they’re better than you.

If anything, this thread is a reason for why private profiles should stay.


Private profile is fine as long as players are giving the option to show which hero they want to play while keeping their profile private. Also allow them to update it as frequently as they like, because some day they don’t want to play certain heroes.

The problem with public profile is that people like to dictate what hero people are allow to play, which is why there was an outcry for private profile.

The other reason why people like private profile is because it also deny that information to their opponent, which makes me wonder why that information wasn’t natively hidden from the enemy team.

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i dont need people to tell me what i should or should not play

Before private profiles i had to play a lot of solo support mercy

then i stopped playing support cuase i hated it and started playing dps and tanks only for people to tell me to play mercy

can you share? please?

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Gameplay sabotage is your teammate disrupting your experience. Someone on the other team outplaying you doesn’t fall under it since they’re suppose to be disrupting your experience.

Time stamp the interview.