Private profiles need to be removed

If they’re ranking up, then no problem. If they somehow stick around, then that’s a problem.

Players used to be able to see all of this by checking the history. Now that data is hidden, so the only sensible action is to report every time it seems suspicious.

Reports are for actions done in the current game, not for how their profile or game history looks.

Anytime you report someone for being “too good” you are filing a false report, which is a bannable offense.


Are you sure about that? The last year I’ve seen more complaints about the devs in this community than ever before.


Yet perfectly fine that the reported person can get banned for you false reporting them.

Smells of irony to me.

Gameplay sabotage is certainly reportable. It’s not just my teammates, but the other side.

Like boosting is reportable. I used to check the profile just to be sure, before reporting.

Now I can’t, so I do my part and trust Blizzard to sort it out. If it was an accidental false report, one report won’t make a difference.

It’s not my fault that I have to make a judgement call.

No, it is not. I literally quoted Jeff saying to not report it.


They don’t “need” it. Note the wording.

That’s not the same thing as saying it’s false reporting, or that they actually condone it.

Blockquote Yes, throwing is reportable regardless of the reason (intentionally manipulating SR or whatever else). But OP isn’t talking about throwing. OP is talking about reporting someone for being better than he is at clicking heads. Being a good player is not reportable.

Wrong. You are talking about having a second account which is basically equal to your main account. I am talking about players that manipulate SR to remain low to play at low levels, not simply ones that are better. The level 25 widows with 90% accuracy in silver is in NO way legit silver. It simply is not. You can fanboy it all you want by defending the behavior but its not silver rank average stats that players see.

Yeah, I highly doubt they have a crew dedicated to catching boosters. It sounds like something that was just said to appease the community. But this is imo.

I can’t without level 3 forum trust, so for now I will just eat extra for everyone.

Yeah, I highly doubt they have a crew dedicated to catching boosters. It sounds like something that was just said to appease the community. But this is imo

If they actually do… those guys are BAD at their job

If you’re going to play the wording game, at no point did Jeff or Blizzard ever say for anyone to start reporting boosting, nor does any of the report categories mention boosting as a reportable behavior.

Being good at clicking heads in one game is not evidence of SR manipulation. And you have no evidence that they have “90% accuracy,” which is still not reportable.


I’m not playing a game.

Do you believe they don’t choose their words carefully, when making these statements?

lol no. just bc u have X average doesnt mean you can report when you get Y or Z average. I can guarantee your own averages shift up and down.

they didnt. that’s why theyre still working on this game. that’s why they added private. for the consumer. that’s why we just got a new hero and have 5 more on the way.

boosting to gold and silver? really? I have never even heard people wasting their time boosting to silver. if youre gonna boost why not boost to at least diamond.
seriously you just seem salty that you lost. chill out and see how YOU can improve instead of blaming others.

I had a dude that I was playing with last season that was remarkably good (and we are talking silver rank here), when I was almost about to climb into gold. He got me so triggered that I began to call him out in match chat. He just laughed and joked around, didn’t bother denying it. He switched from Widow to McCree and was deleting everyone as you would expect a GM player to do among silvers. I Relaxed a little when I relized I Wasn’t losing any SR in the losses and started chatting with him some more. He ended up sending me a friends request and kept trying to play games with me (said he would carry me) but if I can’t rank up without the help of someone better than me then I would rather stay right where im at.

Smurfing is a problem with no easy fix.

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If they are so careful with their words then they are intentionally omitting mentioning boosting in report categories, because they don’t “need” anyone to report it.

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Rather than chasing after booster, I believe the Devs would rather improve their mmr/sr system to quickly de-rank boosted account to their respectable placement automatically instead.

wow I hope you get banned for false reporting. people have bad games and great games. it’s why ranks fluctuate. I also hope you get reported and banned for every game you do worse than your average stats. you know bc it’s only fair

Oh my god my poor omnic friends :laughing:
Zen is too enlightened to be corrupted by these forums, not even popcorn can get in his head.