Is Blizzard aware smurfs are a huge problem?

You’re not trying to have a conversation, you’re just straight up arguing against something that we all know to be true.

Are there smurfs in this game yes or no?

Will they have a significant impact on their matches yes or no?

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Look, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be in diamond. What I’m saying is, is that the level of teamwork and player coordination SHOULD be significantly higher that a lone GM, or even a top 500 player shouldn’t present that much of an issue. Unless you’re facing a six stack of GM/top 500 smurfs, why is one or two players an issue? Is teamwork non existent in diamond elo?

I’m in bronze and I see a lot of smurfs, they tend to wreak havoc because no one there knows how to counter swap, focus fire targets, etc. I don’t complain, I use the smurfs as a way to gauge how much I’ve improved. So I actively seek them out and fight them. Some are way beyond my skill level, I just take note of the positioning they take, ways they adad strafe, etc. and try and incorporate it into my own playstyle :wink: You should do the same, friend

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Yes, never said there weren’t. Smurfs =/= alt accounts tho.

No unless they are derankers/trolls which are a very small portion of people using alt accounts.

But I already told you that earlier. Twice.

People just always look for an excuse when they lose a bunch of games instead of looking at their personal performance.

Even if every high ranked person smurfed there still wouldn’t be enough to effect games on the scale that people claim.

What I often see is someone do well and everyone pull the smurf card rather then “Maybe we should properly countered him and not trickled in for the entire game” nope, he was a smurf so there was nothing we could do.

Also because smurfs can be on your team too it would benefit you as much as it harms in ladder. Making the only games that are a net positive or negative are games that you should be able to influence.

As a wise man once said and often spams

“You’re making a chicken out of a feather”

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Explain to me your thought process how someone who openly says they are 4300 in a 3200 game is fair?

This has happend before and i went down. Then suddenly the inflation of “road to gm challenge” and heavily reduced cost of the game I see less super low levels and skyrocket back up to masters. Did I suddenly awaken my chakras? I just got real bad suddenly? Just makes no sense whatsoever.

It is an issue that MANY MANY people, not just me, see every single day.


Here is the precise statements from Game Director Jeff Kaplan regarding boosters, throwers, smurfs, and alternate accounts



Source: Serious question: Is smurfing cheating?

Source: Serious question: Is smurfing cheating?

This being said, I personally believe, the behavior of starting new accounts regardless if the player is trying their best or not is beginning to run rampant. Unlike MOBAs (which requires you to purchase or earn heroes to play overtime, then level a certain number of them up to a minimum level before they can even be used in a rank ladder), there is no investment of time or money to deter new accounts on Overwatch (especially on console). I play only on one account (I own a second one but only use it for testing purposes, never has seen a game of quick play), so I am level 1700+. I have played mostly in mid-gold to low platinum most of my career in Overwatch. This unfortunately leaves me to be abused by toxic players (for as far as we know run an alternate account) and it feels really bad. My last two nights of Competitive Overwatch have become so bad, I have seriously considered quitting. I want to think though I can still make a difference both in the game and in our community.

That being said, the problems of alternate accounts or those who are truly smurfing is not easily solved. I have seen ideas of Phone Authentication for all players or raise the minimum competitive level, but I am not sure how effective they would be and if they would harm new players from joining the game to begin with. I do think changing the competitive rule set to enforce 2-2-2/role queue for all players (in both Quick Play and Competitive) will be a key starting step to making Overwatch a little better for everyone though, as the biggest problem is fighting with other players on heroes we want to play.


They like to play dumb around the issue.

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They watched one player, meanwhile how many are out there ruining 15 games, 15 games, 15 games.

These add up, it’s all about the money. If it affects even one of my games it is still having an impact like the butterfly effect.

Also, only people in groups are boosting? A solo queue smurf is boosting their teammates no matter what way you look at it. So how is that not breaking the rules?

If they’d even argue the fact “well, it happends to everyone so it evens out” would also be ridiculous to acknowledge and let go. They’re knowingly allowing horrible quality games to happen and not doing anything about it.


You do understand why ‘smurfing’ is such an issue at lower elo’s, don’t you?

I do yes, as I mentioned in my comments below the quotes.

Are you in any way involved with Blizzard directly? Or do you just moderate the forums?

I am a Forum MVP and I DO NOT represent Blizzard Entertainment. My goal as a forum MVP is to help other players get information they need about the game and help with technical issues they have. A high majority of my posting goes toward helping with things like disconnections, game crashes, or help with promotions like earning Overwatch League tokens. I love Overwatch… I really do, and it my hope that by doing everything I can to support the game and support our community will make the game a better experience for everyone. Any post I make should still be considered my opinion only.

They need to raise the level requirement for competitive. The matchmaker does not know how to place accounts right at 25.

I don’t think they really care about the answer, you’ve given everything with sources and they’ll still debate it. Oh well, you have more patience than I do.

Competitive MMR is entirely separate from that of quick play MMR. Basically any new accounts start at approximately 2350 and go up or down based on the placement matches from there. I see some reasoning behind this but a lot of disadvantages to this system.

Raising the minimum Competitive level is not a very clean solution on its own in my opinion, as players are not likely to learn anything more in the chaos that is quick play.

You couldn’t even respond to my last question cause I’m positive you CAN’T.

Wyoming already answered your question.

Sure they will. QP is not that different.

A truly new level 25 player can’t possibly know more than how to play one hero badly. They are genuinely not ready for comp, and the game does them no favors by allowing them to place extremely low and giving them a huge hole to climb out of.

The game is also drastically more complicated and harder (due to rising player skill) than when it started. Increasing the time to competitive is appropriate in light of this.

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No no no, I said to you what is your thought process on how a 4300 player in a 3200 ranked game does not have any effect on it.

Thinking the opposite of you is denial lol