Will smurfing ever be considered cheating?

So smurfs can play casually without stress, but what about the players they’re facing? Is that healthy and stress-free for them?

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they need to get better at the game obviousely, cause there is no another option available. You want stress free games - invest time to develop skill which will provide that for you in the end.

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If there were no rank in this game, would you still consider that as cheating? nope. Since billions of informatic years (around 20 human years) people have all been mixed in online death matches, team death matches, capture the flag, domination, etc. and now in OW, people discover players aren’t equal in skills and experience, and want people with more experience to be banned. In what kind of world are we living ?

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Then let players develop that skill with others within their skill range. Justifying smurfing is just sad.

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You only improve with difficulty. The hardest it hurts, the faster you learn to avoid the pain.

You cannot improve much by staying in a comfort zone.

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Not everyone aims to be a T500 player. They just want to play the game.


Came here to say all this.

The problem is that players are starting to throw anyone who owns an alternate account under the label of smurf.

If you’re intentionally throwing games so you can stay at a low rank in order to steamroll new players over and over, you’re breaking rules.

But if you own an alt account and play your best and follow the rules, you’re not doing anything wrong.

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I’ve spend like 20 years of my life playing different competitive games, and everytime it works like that, just better players named different, earlier we call them papas, pro, og, now smurf =) But core never change, in a game where win or loose means you have or have no fun you have to fight for that fun. Or join complainers squad and get ashamed, laughed.

It is a game, you cant tell them what to do, and this is okay, cause they don’t tell you what to do either, you do yours they do their thing.

I am just telling you how thigs are working, ofc it is sad to waste time like that, that’s why you have to force yourself to practice and get better, you have to fight for your mood, doesn’t matter is that game or life, or better guy will come and take away all you get - natural selection you know =). When you invest your time reasonably you will have options towards these smurfs, cause better smurf wins in the end. Smurf player don’t have to wait when you get better at the game to give you fair matchup, it is up to you.

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improving is a part of every game. you don’t need to aim for the top, but learning and improving is a big part of what makes a game, a game…

they have hard time to understand, that smurf wants to play as well the way he like, but the difference is that he has this options cause he made his improvemets already, and other players don’t and this is their issue, not smurf-player. I really want to cure this forum from this weak mentality some day…I hope =)

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Smurfs frustrate me but its not considered cheating since certain people want to play with friends that are lower ranked or they want to play only on 1 role which would be DPS since its very popular.

You can’t quote wanting to play the game stress free whilst simultaneously being the CAUSE of stress for an inordinate amount of people playing the same game as you.
You’re actively contributing to this game being a flaming garbage fire. You can only improve your skills so much against people that are 3-4+ ranks higher than you. No matter how much you improve your positioning and game sense, if you don’t have an equal amount of mechanical skill as the person you’re versing, you’re going to lose 9.9/10 times. And you can’t magically conjure mechanical skill overnight, it takes time.

Actually one of the worst attitudes I’ve ever seen on this forum. I genuinely hope every single game you play from now on has GM smurfs stomping you so you can get a taste of your own scummy medicine.

why? Absolutely can, who told that you can’t? This game is stressfull all the way around, the way you want to spend your time in game is up to you. Don’t tell others like “You make me stress - you are the problem!” No, it is you and your inability to resist that stress or not having another option due lack of skill is a problem. Smurf has no problems, smurf is not a problem, smurf is more of a consiquense of your faults. Smurf is your tryout for higher ranks, and if you don’t want to take it - you are griefing at your ranks instead of accepting a challenge which you need to develop actual skill to resist smurf. Smurf don’t need a challenge he is challenge bringer, you have no options to complain about it, it happends, better smurf wins in the end, that way this term doesn’t even matter, you know.

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Well you’re openly admitting to breaking the TOS so I hope you get whats coming for you.

It is just your imagination buddy, conversation with you is over, open your mind when someone tryes to fix your mental issue.

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This is a lie by the way.

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I just report it for cheating every time.

Not if it keeps bringing in money for Blizzard.

I bet you guys never see people controlling their SR by “having some bad games intentionally”?
believe it or not, fighting against players in gold/plat with highest seasonal SR >3500 was the reason I stop paying respect to rank mode

I mean technically you’re exploiting the matchmaking system which is probably “cheating”