How do I report a Booster and Smurf who openly admitted it in chat?

Long story short (30 minute Horizon match, NEVER been this tilted before) enemy team had a smurf who was duo’ing with someone who was clearly Gold level, switched to Tracer when they got rolled on first attack, immediately started destroying.

After the match, I called him out on his antics, and he openly admitted to boosting and smurfing, saying his main account was low GM.

Screenshotted everything, and already reported him in game. Is there anything else I can do? I want this guy banned.

You may he to state their name, and report them in general (I.e. gameplay sabotage)

Glad to know.

Hopefully I’ll see the “Thank You For Reporting” message sometime soon.

Met a widow player who wrote their twitch in chat and said they were Top500, boosting, gave prices .

Didn’t check the channel, but either they were very high or using a mem hack. Shots looked like something you would see in an owl stream.

Reported and moved on, nothing else you can do.