Blizzard is not doing enough to stop Smurfs

Leavers and smurfs really ruin it for everybody else. I had two Comp placement matches lost because I had a leaver on my team. And, there are those matches when one opponent repeatedly kills my whole team. Is it really that fun for them? Cause some Grandmaster doing that to Bronze players is just gross.

Honestly, I just want one golden gun, I am at 955 points out of 3000. With a smurf in play in most Bronze matches, it’s more or less a matter of whether the smurf or leaver is on my team or theirs. A pretty sad way to play Comp all the time.

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How unfortunate for you.
Meanwhile i am forced to play on whatever smurf account because community abuses the reporting system.
Also, while i haven’t hopped into competitive with this particular account, it’s done an alright job placing me close to my actual skill tier…most of the time.

It only ruins the game when people don’t play properly. A high skill player won’t be matched with new players for very long.
On average i’d say it took about 20 qp sessions before matchmaking got itself together across all of my accounts…aside from my main which is weird.

There is nothing they can do.

  • Blizzard cannot tell the difference between a smurf and someone who moved from Console with PC gaming experience.

  • Blizzard cannot tell the difference between one person who owns multiple accounts and a family that shares a computer that has multiple people playing Overwatch.

  • Even if Blizzard bans by IP a VPC bypasses that and banning IP addresses would punish innocent players who use public WiFi like at a Dorm Room.

  • Even if Blizzard banned hardware Overwatch runs on some of the cheapest laptops on the market. I can go into Best Buy and buy a laptop for $300 that plays Overwatch. That’s chump change for lots people and not to mention tons of people have spare computers (I have a 2012 Alienware laptop just chilling in my closet for example).

There is no stopping the smurf problem. Blizzard can literally do nothing about it. Not without wasting time, money, and potentially punishing innocent players.

You should just play with people your own skill level and leave the low-skilled players to their already-uphill battle of getting out of Bronze and into Silver or Gold. To you like 1500 comp point might nto be much, but for people like me it takes months of effort, and people like you make it even worse and it’s completely unnecessary.

I can’t defeat you in a Comp match. That doesn’t make what you’re doing any less ridiculous and unfair.

This was a interview with the main mod honcho I sense a great disturbance in the force
When asked about how players should go about reporting smurfs, Kaplan responded that smurfing isn’t explicitly against the game’s rules. Throwing matches or boosting are both punishable offenses, but players are allowed to make new accounts. So long as they are playing as they normally would and not committing either of the aforementioned offences, they’re not actually breaking the rules and the game’s ranking system should naturally move them towards their “real” rank.

Regarding throwing and boosting, Kaplan also revealed that Blizzard isn’t relying on reports to tackle those issues, with a whole team working on analysis to identify such players.

Smurfing is when a higher-skilled player creates a secondary account for the purpose of playing against lower-ranked opponents. Boosting, on the other hand, is the practice of ranking up another player’s account, usually for profit, which is often done by having the higher-skilled booster log into the account of the player being boosted to play and quickly progress due to the disparity in skill between the rank of the account and the player then using it.

Fortunately for fans hoping to hear more from Kaplan, he also revealed that the latest Developer Update has been recorded and is scheduled to be released next week

Everyone, Game Director Jeff Kaplan has addressed the alledged “smurfing” issue yesterday:

He also followed up stating that we should not worry about reporting any players boosting accounts either.

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If they are solo queue and not throwing then there isn’t anything you can do. The person will soon clime out of your bracket and be gone.

If they are grouped with someone then you can report them for possible boosting. Let Blizzard look at it and investigate from there.

That’s nice and all. Where did i mention i was actively stomping lower tier players in competitive? I don’t do competitive on most of my accounts. And this is mostly a myth for lower skill players, mmr catches us fairly quickly. Furthermore, i don’t do it out of pleasure as i said earlier. Community loves to abuse the reporting system, as a result my main account is suspended for a while. Support has been less than understanding with my issues. So there you go. 4.2k with 6 accounts.

That looks like you admitting it, to me.

What I don’t think that Blizzard includes in their argument that “smurfs reach their MMR quickly” is that there are so many smurfs accounts in the game (probably as many as there are actually players) that it doesn’t matter one smurf is at because you will probably have another one in your game next, if not 2 or more.

It happens every time i play comp. I get 3-4 smurfs on the enemy team, and my team is just normal players. Then after that game, the same thing happens again the next game with different smurf accounts.

I really wish they would use a person’s IP or something to determine a players MMR. Like maybe the game searches for accounts that use the same IP or maybe if accounts are bought by the same person, it would automatically put them at their SR.

Admitting what exactly? It’s in my name. I’m here speaking about it. I don’t find anything wrong with having multiple accounts. MMR catches up fast. It’s been explained by the devs and that actually works.

Well, you think MMR works, you think it’s not wrong, and the people you do this to disagree. I am not sure why you’re even surprised about it.

I’m sorry but you must’ve misunderstood what i’ve stated somewhere.
I get that lower skill players can get angry at GM that purposely derank. But that’s not me. I play to win. I don’t want to be stuck at a low tier, believe me.

I see smurfing be not difference from ‘the bullying of naughty kids in school that tried to make themself look over who they were bullied.’ Because they can’t fight against the players in the same rank, so nasty as well as the players that used hack tool

Anyone else see the irony of a throwaway alt account posting a complaint about smurfs?

I’ve played many competitive games in my day. For a time i was unknowingly carrying a team of cheaters in rainbow six siege. Some of them were long time friends. But sadly, after i found out i quickly distanced myself from them. I play these games to have fun and challenge myself.

If you’re going to cheat that defeats the entire purpose in my view.

That wouldn’t work.
Say my gf logs in on one of my systems?
How is the system supposed to determine if i am playing or she is?

Sorry I misunderstood you. Hope there are no hard feelings.

None whatsoever.
I’m just glad we can clear this up properly.

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