A (possible) smurf fix system

Basically if someone is “reported for smurfing” (with a new report option) they go into a “second placement” of maybe five games, and once they’ve gone through the second time if the sr diffrence is more than like 100-300 then their sr gets auto placed at what the game thinks their actual ranking is

(the second placements would be invisible)

What you’re suggesting is a way to make boosting even more efficient. These are two separate problems, and you can rarely fix one without severely compromising the other.

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First, the perception of “smurfs” is a very obscure one. Remember officially a player who is playing to boost an account beyond that account’s actual skill rating and those who deliberately tank their rank is not permitted, and they have stated they do not need this action reported.

Secondly your proposal would be very exploitable. I could log on from another account, to report my account to trigger such a system and essentially reset my rank.

Well I guess you are right, however there could be a way around it?