How would you fix Overwatch?

Either remove arcade, of give it an actual matchmaking because my god it is terrible

Something with smurfs. See them almost every game in competitive. I don’t know why either.

You’re right, I think that is the most frustrating aspect of all of this. If the Devs even came out with a generic statement – nothing specific – and said they were even looking into it I’d be much more content knowing a solution is in the works. But worse than radio silence is the fact we can only rely on Papa Jeff’s last comment on the matter, which is that “smurfs don’t really exist.”

Not trying to flame Papa Jeff – I actually really like him and how thoughtful and careful he usually is about this game – but I don’t think the lack of response to people who have purchased the game and find quickplay & competitive to be an awful experience because of trolls and smurfs to be adequate.

Yo, this is an easy fix, just don’t play arcade?

thing is I’d like to play it, but the matchmaking is so terrible that it’s un-enjoyable
I want to enjoy it but I can’t

Well Jeff Kaplan replied to a question of mine that says they continously look for this:

Obviously we just can’t see the work in action as that would open the door for people to exploit such efforts.

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There’s literally places to find groups on here, /r/overwatch’s discord, and a built in, in-game feature that lets you find groups. You can also play with friends. If you have no friends, play 1 competitive match, do well, and people will automatically add you to their friends list. Play with those people. I honestly don’t understand how you could argue an entire game mode should be removed for everybody because YOU don’t like matchmaking and can’t be bothered to form a group.

I said remove OR fix

Thanks! Good to see there was a response, didn’t see that one, just the older one from Papa Jeff. I hope we do see some follow through from this smurf team. Or maybe just an update that they’re getting started or something.

  1. Focus less on E-Sports and Cosmetics

I believe you don’t need the developer’s support for a game to have an E-Sport scene. If your game is good then it can survive solely by its community but if the developer needs to constantly push money and advertising to support it than it makes me question the legibility of your game as an E-sport.

As for cosmetics, they give incentive for you to keep playing but they don’t actually add in anything to the game itself. Plus, I think the Lootbox system actually devalues a lot of the cosmetics. Instead of gaining cosmetics by playing and improving with a character, you gain them at random which makes them feel special as it never feels like you earn due to your own efforts but rather just luck.

The focus on both E-sports and cosmetics and by extension lootboxes feels like Blizzard is viewing Overwatch less like a video game and more like a money printer.

  1. rework and improve matchmaking

Compared to games such as Halo or Call of Duty, Overwatch’s matchmaking is terrible due to its random nature. Anything which gives players the tiniest bit of control would remove the frustration of having to play maps and game-types we don’t enjoy. Adding a voting system similar to Halo and COD would be the best option as it will give players more control over what they get.

  1. Add more game-types

Playing the exact same three game modes over and over is getting boring. I mean we already have Capture the Flag and team deathmatch, just add those into quickplay and once there at a point where they’re balanced enough then add them into competitive.

  1. Balancing

The Devs have or at least should have access to everyone’s profiles so they should know who’s overpowered and underpowered and at what ranks and levels which means they should know just how balanced everything is. Now you could say Smurfs might be an issue but I don’t believe their numbers are significant enough to greatly skewer the accuracy.

  1. More communication between the developers and community, it could be something as simple as telling us every week or two what they’re focusing or planning on.

-> Can Mystery Deathmatch.
-> Harsher punishments for toxicity (xQc was permabanned from League of Legends. Let that sink in)
-> Do not listen to the “statisticians” when it comes to balance.

I think deleting doomfist will be huge first step forward to new great overwatch.

Been saying the same thing since day one: Give bronze players a fair chance to win. Put them vs. other bronze players instead of other pro god level skill players.

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just accept its a 222 game and add roleQ.
remove sr “SKILL rating” gain/loss tied to win/loss, win just gives a bonus multiplier.
Add more main tanks and main healers. No more dps/offtank/heal until then.

Also a detection system of any kind for throwers/trolls.

New regular comics, animated shorts;

New NEW content. For example, completely new gamemodes and/or new gamemodes for qp/comp;

Regular balance changes;

Map editor/creator and way more options to game browser;

Heavier punishments to toxicity;

More active development team.

I would change the penalty for points deducted if someone leaves a comp battle and forces a loss. because it happens too often, and it’s very unfair for those that join to compete.

I always say maybe let people have at least 10 hours on at least one characters in each category before allowing them to play comp would help alot. Yes, it may take alot of time but on the good side it reduces the chance of people been absolutely incapable at taking certain roles when absolutely required, also siginificantly reduce smurf and alt accounts.

And maybe also allow players to pick one hero (from the 10+ hrs one, so if you don’t satisfy the 10 hour threshold you cannot list it) from each role that they are happy to play in comp and make that public in comp. I was the very first to suggest private profile and certainly think public is a bad idea, but I wouldn’t mind people seeing those options made by myself.

An quick example, I have 10+ hours on Ana, Lucio, Rein, Hog, Sym, Mei, and Bas. I can choose to enlist Sym, Ana and Rein, so people can see these three choice of mine.

  • new maps more frequently
  • dev streams frequently (answering questions of the community)
  • improving events with new content
  • make an arcade mode with role-q
  • more challenges and daily quests
  • more skins with unique voicelines

No such thing.
Instead just keep adding more characters with little foresight as to how they’ll affect the overall game.