Smurfing Reportable?

Is smurfing reportable? It’s tiring playing against someone who is clearly much higher rank than you, but somehow is the same rank . . .


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So what do you report throwers for? I see people who tank their SR just to fight weaker players.

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I report for Gameplay Sabotage for boosting or throwing. Jeff seems to indicate that big data solves all that, but we know better.


Smurfing itself isn’t reportable. However, the only way to become a smurf is to either throw games or play on someone else’s account, which are both bannable offenses.

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sure they do. hell, people have entire youtube channels dedicated to doing this kind of thing like… let’s call him “therealhanzo” (not the actual name). where he just goes around and pretends to be in other ranks (as an actual gm) and screws with them. and that’s on pc. On console you can’t throw a rock without hitting half a dozen smurfs.

apparently with the report system on autopilot

everything and anything is in fact reportable

and nothing is actually provable

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I still report players with public profiles that suggest multiple seasons for example as high as platinum/diamond or higher but ending in like silver or bronze, then the next few seasons the trend continues, it’s evident they throw games on purpose to play with lower sr players and it ruins the game for mostly everyone in that low tier as they’re not really playing with anyone of their skill level for those that do do that, but in general do make sure you know they are breaking a rule as that will be an obvious report, boosting is a bit more complicated, even more so private profiles are protected now days with the new feature to hide that info which actually supports smurf throwers in a way, even seen some duo’s of a bronze & gold or even a trio of bronze gold and silver, and they still have like platinum or higher in those sr, so people exploit the system in order to get so low to ruin our matches which really doesn’t help us to climb as it hurts us…


I hope not if ‘smurfing’ simply means an alt account.

Furthermore I wonder about player’s abilities to detect smurfs because if you follow the forums up to 80%+ of games have smurfs in them.

Honestly you should feel honored to play against players who will always be much better than you.

Oh yeah. It is always an honor to play in plat and get someone with lvl 30 in the enemy team who picks tracer and has amazimg trackimg and movement, so your team has to pick beig and cree to try and counter her while the rest of the enemy team rolls you, as you have to spend too muvh effort on the tracer

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McCree doesn’t counter tracer. Lesson one.

At some point, you have to fight those players whether or not you like it, and I learned almost everything about transitioning to higher ranks by being destroyed. Pay attention and don’t tilt. THINK about why they are beating you so easily, what is the problem? Is someone running out on their own? Are you letting your supports come back last by themselves? Is no one talking? Is a just feeding pulse so she can win any 1v1 she wants? Is her team strong enough to make it impossible to focus her?

She can win the game by herself, almost. Why can’t you? What’s stopping you from being the same?

If the answer is ‘I haven’t played enough’ then you already know what to do. There is no shortcut besides cheating (and cheating doesn’t give you the amazing movement) into being feared that way, and your goal should be to be hated because you’re good. I still remember some of the first smurfs I fought, and how much impact they had on me, but I’m more inclined to respect skill and let it inspire me.

Survive, adapt, overcome.

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I’ve had some obviously good players show up. Not often, but when it happens it’s pretty obvious and ridiculous. Usually an unkillable Hanzo with perfect aim and situational awareness. Or an impossible to hit genji who always seems to have Parry and dash.

Well i do not climb because i can not one clip 3 people in a row as tracer while timing my blinks and recall to doge enemy brigs and crees every fight. But i do not learn anything from a player who is a mechanical GM while i am plat. Stupid argument you make. And i climbed from silver to plat countering tracers, dooms and genjis as cree

i can not believe you said that.
Simly dumb.

Ahahah, the matchmaker. Nice joke.

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