Ban the smurfs. Ban 'em all

Iirc Jeff said in a developer update, that the text in the report Pop-Up are examples of the behavior and not limited to it. The gameplay definetly got altered in a way not intended by the developers as Overwatch is a objective-based team-shooter. When the objective is not played and players instead decide to harass others of lower skill, until the server automaticcly closes due to timeout, that is considered gameplay sabotage.


You are the one that made the claim that not playing “to win” is throwing, you provide the evidence that supports your claim.


You realize that’s just an example of what Gameplay sabotage could be, right?

Like Daddy Jeff himself states to report for SR manipulation (boosting or throwing)


The only part of the Gameplay Sabotage report dialogue that even has a tense is the phrase “Gameplay Sabotage is…”

That’s… a definition. There is no tense within that definition applied to the actions that are defined. It’s kind of a reach to go from the tense used to imagining a rule behind it, but the tense you claim is used isn’t even used!

Edit: Oh, wait… the phrase ‘Gameplay sabotage is not…’ is also there. Same reasoning applies though.

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Gameplay sabotage is:

Actively harassing or disrupting your own team through the use of game mechanics or player actions. This includes playing a symmetrra teleporter exit at a cliff edge, or intentionally allowing yourself to be eliminated by the enemy team (I.E. feeding).

Gameplay sabotage is not:

Simply making a mistake, playing poorly, or an unwillingness to switch heroes.

Jeff has said to report throwing, but most recent post said that boosting doesn’t need to be reported.

You are the one claiming that Blizzard specifically defines throwing as “playing to lose”, and you haven’t provided your evidence yet.

In any case, if you read close in what I quoted from Jeff, “Doing anything to manipulate your internal MMR or Skill Rating (i.e. Boosting or Throwing) is not fine.”

Deliberately tying when you could win or deliberately timing out a game when you could win also manipulate your MMR and SR since you failed to gain that MMR/SR. That makes it reportable by Jeff’s description.


Literally in that thread Jeff states it’s against the rules to boost / throw.

I seriously don’t understand how you’re trying to defend the actions of smurfs who run the timer on a game until it forcefully ends


That’s… part of a definition. It’s grammatically in the present progressive because the definition is ongoing, not the action. At the time you write the report, the action is presumably already over.

yea i know low ranks are a huge problem with smurfs… people think its fine having smurfs but they are ruining games and then you have all the LFG derank groups who only go to bronze… once they are diamond they derank again to bronze

As if anyone cares.
I am reporting smurfs for close to over a year and i never got any suspension.
The report system is as broken as the MMR and lader.

And as long as there are smufs i will report them for at least 3 things.


You truly are defending smurfs who are griefing lower rankers for the lolz and wasting everyone’s time? The smurfs that deliberately SR manipulate to get low enough, form groups and then roflstomp enemy teams and then keep stalling to keep the game going forever?

Get out.


Aww…this sounds so sad.

I hope you reported all of them.
Seriously Blizzard how hard is it to watch people being reported for this garbage?
Stop letting pos’ ruin other people’s games.
Ban these people and their MAIN accounts.

Actually there is, follow the money all accounts are purchased by someone.
Use that to group IP’s together, in the case of the use of VPN’s.
When trolling is reported on one account. Suspend all the accounts grouped with it if the IPs belong to a VPN.
Then put the onus of proving innocence on the troll.

As long as their Main account is safe this garbage will continue. They need to ban their Mains, it is about Accountability for their actions.

*I know accounts bought through 3rd party sites will bypass this, but it should be a smaller percentage. And you can still ban these individual accounts.

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“It doesn’t say you can’t” is the last vestige of someone who lost the argument. Those are examples that are included, but are not limited to the kinds of reportable behaviour.

I bet you’re a nightmare to GM for in DnD.


wow that really sucks…those are probably plat smurfing in bronze because they feel better stomping bronzies because they know they are hardstuck plat forever. this really sucks and im sry this happened to u…
just a question tho were u 6 stacking and got qued into them as a 6 stack or did u solo que and get them ?

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Something needs to be done about smurfs in Competitive Play. Additionally, however, it does sound like there needs to be a better time limit in place for ‘king of the hill’ matches. Allowing 1 hour is just stupdity, I would honestly say limit it to 5-6 minutes and if nobody has taken the point then draw the round. That should be more than ample enough time for a team to take the point initially in most ‘king of the hill’ matches. If after three rounds nobody is a winner then obviously draw the match.

Indeed, you could report these offenders for ‘gameplay sabotage’ but they will have to have had accumulated enough reports in a certain timeframe (believed to be how the in-game reporting facility works) before an automatic action is taken against them. On the other hand they might have plenty of money, e.g. from posting the entertainment on YouTube or Twitch, to just simply buy another copy of Overwatch again.

In my opinion Overwatch needs to follow suit of some other games with their ‘Competitive Play’ variants. For example, CSGO. Instead of just limiting SMS authentication to top 500, why not just roll that out to all of ranked and make it a requirement to do before being able to participate in Competitive Play.

Of course, SMS is the easiest method of all to workaround, so I would honestly suggest making it a little more difficult by doing what banks generally do to verify certain ‘new’ transactions being to be made, that being an automated voice call which asks you to enter a one-time PIN shown on your screen. You could block VoIP numbers and at best only allow landline and mobile numbers, and only one per account. This should help make it a little more difficult to smurf, although not impossible of course.

Other methods at their disposal could potentially be to monitor and take record of the ‘hardware ID’ of a computer playing Overwatch, ensuring that only maybe two or three accounts at most can participate in Competitive Play from that ‘hardware ID’. This idea might help reduce the effectiveness of these ‘boosting’ services out there too.

Again, all ideas which I’m sure on an official level will be disregarded or not even read unless heavily promoted by someone important or a group of important players (e.g. OWL participants or highly popular streamers perhaps?). But regardless, I’ll post them anyway in hope that something might change one day for the better, for a majority of players.

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I think not capturing the objective is gameplay sabotage…
It doesn’t matter if your so good you can spawn camp, good for the enemy team, but if they don’t capture the objective, they are not playing to win, ergo are breaking the CoC.

just beeing better is no excuse to get banned.

i completely agree with you here. i was so excited to play OW because of the hero pool and artwork and teamwork aspect, but the amount of gameplay sabotage ruining the fun in a GAME for others is out of control.


I know that Jeff Kaplan is ok with smurfs but honestly… To me there is no reason to have a second account, because even if u do not want to admit it, you have an advantage over players that actually just started the game.
I don’t understand it…