When you see a group called "Throwing"

So I’ve been seeing groups called “throwing” and “road to bronze” and similar things…

Should I report the player or the group name?

The group name should be enough I guess. It probably shows who made it (otherwise what will even be the point of reporting a name of a group?)

My i ask what is wrong with those names?

climbing the ladder in reverse to smurf in lower ranks

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Honestly, I’d probably do both, but when you report a group title, the popup says,

“This includes any form of hateful, discriminatory, obscene, or disruptive text used in the group name”.

I suppose throwing might fall under “disruptive”, but it seems like the report group title option is mostly intended for other situations.

That said, apparently Blizzard keeps a very close eye on this. See this post from Jeff:

I hate the idea of a group purposely throwing so they can smurf and ruin the games of hundreds of players, so I’d report them just to help Blizzard out.

They could just be making an ironic, self deprecating name. The name itself isn’t enough to justify reporting someone without actually providing evidence they are throwing or purposely de-ranking.

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I agree with the “road to bronze” one, perhaps, but I’ve seen a handful of blatant “throwing games” group titles. There are definitely people out there looking to tank their SR in a group setting, and they probably think that doing so in an LFG group of like-minded smurfs will lower their chances of being reported.

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Oh, yea that makes sense. I first read the title and did not understand the ‘‘throwing’’ name, and the second one seemed like it was for new peeps.

The proper response then is to report someone based on their behavior though. If my username was “throwing” I hope I wouldn’t get reported for just having a cheeky name. You have to have actual plausible evidence. Not heresay.

I suppose it’s a bit of a tricky situation, but I don’t see any legitimate reason to title your group “throwing games” unless you plan on actually throwing, which is obviously a reportable offense.

Then again, that post from Jeff suggests that they don’t need reports regarding boosting/smurfing, which kinda makes sense. This behavior would stick out like a sore thumb, and would be very easy to identify.

There’s no reason to chose any group name or username really. Changing my name to “Genji” doesn’t mean I’m suddenly a Genji player. Maybe I just think it’s funny?

My point is, a name isn’t really enough reason to report someone. And if Blizz chose to take action against someone based on a group name, I would lose a lot of respect for them. Actions speak louder than words.

The obvious exception being a name that violates terms of service. But that’s not what we’re discussing here.

I agree, but I think there’s a difference between making your username “HanzoOrThrow” and titling your LFG group “throwing” or “deranking”.

Either way, I still think Jeff’s post should be the main takeaway. They have a team that handles smurfs and boosters, and apparently they don’t need players to report these actions at all. So while I think a player making a group that’s blatantly advertising a reportable offense should be reportable and you (justifiably) think this is not sufficient, Jeff and the Overwatch team apparently have it under control.

Intentionally throwing games and wasting others’ time. That’s such a bad usage of LFG.

Report the group name then report the player. That’s what I do

The Brigitte Spaghetti Movement


If all you’re seeing is the group name, I wouldn’t. The person may have just named it that ironically.

Quite right. I just don’t want to see a forum witch hunt of anyone who has a disagreeable name. The forums do tend to go overboard.

I report both the group title and the leader of the group for gameplay sabotage and put in the description box that they made a throw group in LFG

I’ve never gotten so many “thank you for your report” screens before.

Whether they are doing it in solo games, or in a group, these pieces of crap need punished.

Because once they hit the bottom, they’re going to devastate their way to the top for lulz, and that’s scummy.

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Blizz; don’t use our automated ban system to rid yourselves of smurfs, we will get around to banning them ourselves (ha! as if !, $$$$$$$$$$$ stupid forum kids).

Unfortunately by “handle” they mean make bigger SR adjustments per match to try to get them back to the “right” spot, from what I’ve seen. Nobody actually gets punished.

Maybe. I don’t have that information since I’ve never been banned for smurfing, nor do I know anyone who has. I’m not sure where you’re getting that from.