Please just reset MMR


I bought the game on both Xbox and PC at launch as I was going to play with different groups of friends.

I’ve barely touched the PC account as I’m not a fan of playing FPS games with keyboard & mouse.

it’s completely fine to create an additional account, just play as well as you can.
Confirmed multiple times by Blizzard.
Players should finally realize that the problem is not the smurfs but the matchmaking system.

No. The problem is players who think they need more than one account. You don’t, even less so now with Role Queue here.

Smurfing is a massive problem on consoles because:

  1. smurf accounts are free to make

  2. there are no consequences to throwing/griefing/leaving games because of point 1

Yes. Jeff said yes.
Looks like you don’t know exactly what smurfing is.

From Blizzard’s point of view, there’s no problem with Smurfs. And Blizzard has insight into all the match data.

Ok I have no idea about consoles, that’s probably up to Microsoft and Sony.

That’s not what he said. Stop parroting what you’ve read second-hand and go re-read the actual quote from Jeff.

Having been playing on console since launch I know exactly what smurfing is.

Blizzard have failed to acknowledge the impact a smurf player has in every match they play in until they reach their regular rank.

They have also failed to acknowledge that, according to their own game’s reporting system, smurfing is cheating (specifically “unfair advantage”).

No. It’s up to Blizzard. And they’ve done nothing to curb the problem of smurfs on console.

And it is a problem. A huge one. Jeff clearly wasn’t speaking about consoles when he made his comment about smurf accounts.

That’s what he said.
That’s my post:

We should come back to the topic.
It’s about resetting MMR -> won’t happen, but you can buy another account.


It would be so much worse. It would take months and months, maybe years to get back to normal instead of a few weeks

“Play normally”

Key phrase right there.

Smurfs on console do not “play normally”.

Which only contributes to the problem as I outlined above.

I don’t know. Most games reset by season and even out in a week or two of playing. Everyone has variable performance depending on life factors and gain/loss of “skill” through various metas.

MANY folks on competitive have accounts across characters, only play placements to keep their high/low rank etc

The permanent MMR tied to an account is designed to make you grind incessantly or get lucky and pop off for a few games to gain/lose rank.

But the point is moot, and the cemented MMR over time and its function is obvious to any critical thinker.

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You’re not even able to judge when a player is playing normally or not. Blizzard can evaluate that much better than we can.

I suggest we stop discussing this or you create your own thread. :smile:
Even if there are already enough threads, I would still participate again.

You still do:
One account to play with friends and the other for solo. Your friends could have been pulling your SR down or boosting you without you knowing. Or you play different when you play alone. Doing this on one account will still mean your rating will be wrong. Creating bad games.

But i agree with you on free extra accounts.
Each new account should costs some money.
Money you throw away when you don’t follow the rules.

I cant get used playing with a controller.
But if it was the other side around i would probably still switch and try to get used to it.

But they wont :stuck_out_tongue:

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You do not need more than one account.

You are choosing to have more than one.

Stop confusing choice with necessity.

I think that Jeff Kaplan and the developers have this situation well under control.

It really isn’t going to do anything but make match quality awful for a few weeks and then people end up where they were before anyway. I have multiple accounts and my day one account peaks within 50 of my alts. Stop looking for excuses why you can’t climb, YOU are the only constant.

Consider that an MMR reset could potentially put the starting 6 for the NYXL against a bronze, silver, gold, two plats, and a diamond.

Does this still seem like a good idea?

On console, you can make as many accounts as you want with 1 copy of overwatch and 1 copy of live and play as many different ranks as you want.

Blizzard can’t effectively track it via person.

I could make 4 accounts right now or a new one every week and depending on mood, could place anywhere up to masters.

The hard lock on MMR per account is VERY real and you can figure out different ways to gain SR or lose it easily on console.

And considering you can gain up to 70 SR per match, it would even out in a week or two.

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A week or two?!

The comp beta is two weeks and a day old. It doesn’t count, and players are losing their minds.

Rainbow six : Siege reset their MMR every season

And it works good… wierd

Siege Ranked play consists of a wide range of tiers. The ranks, from bottom to top, are Copper IV, III, II, I, Bronze IV, III, II, I, Silver IV, III, II, I, Gold IV, III, II, I, Platinum III, II, I, and finally, Diamond.

Ranks are region-specific and reset at the beginning of each season, so every player has a chance to start fresh with the knowledge they gained from the prior season of Ranked play, according to [Ubisoft]. At the beginning of each season, players will take part in 10 placement matches and are awarded a rank.

The Ranking system follows a modified version of the Elo/Glicko system, which was originally created for one-vs-one games, like chess, according to the support page. But how is Elo awarded? Well, that’s where things get a little surprising.

Players are often confused when they end matches with better than average K/D ratios and don’t receive a notable bump up in rank or Elo. This is because the system does not take K/D into account, and players are not awarded extra Elo for their kill-based performance, according to the post. Rather, the main factors that decide each player’s rank is the rank of your opponents and if you won your match. Ubisoft emphasizes that Siege matches are not meant to be won by an individual, but through teamwork, which is why only the wins, losses, and opponent ranks matter.

The Ranking system takes into account your opponents’ ranks in order to better judge what the outcome of the match means. If you’re playing with a squad of Gold I players and the other team is filled with Coppers, then you most likely will not see much awarded Elo. Conversely, if you’re matched with players who outrank you, then you’ll be awarded with a higher amount of Elo when you win.