Remove The Smurfing

My friends and I are tired of getting curb stomped 29:1 because of a level 4 smurf, it is ruining all fun of this game and yes, smurfing is to an issue in Competitive games as well.

If you figure out whats fun about playing a 6v6 game with your friends to loose horribly to 3 level 4-16-23 dominating the game that ended up having 3000+ comp rating on their mains, you should tell me.

This has to stop, I don’t care if you want to play a new character, that’s what training is for, by smurfing you are breaking the balance system in place and just ruining every OUNCE of fun this game held.

I didn’t participate in closed beta (forgot account sadly) nor help improve the game for it turn into rubbish by a few noobs that simply put ‘cant get gud’ in their own ranks.

It is a cancerous plague on this game and it needs to stop, now.

There is quite a lot of heat built up here, so take that with a grain or bucket(whatever you prefer) of salt, and thus ends my rant; fix it.

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Yes but when people from your rank will play a new character in your games, you’ll complain about throwers. Its a vicious circle my friend

If you were interested in what Jeff has to say about this.

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Respectfully, Jeff is full of hot air. Matchmaking ATM is completely all over the place. Its very obviously a symptom of the constant $12 bundles and free weekends we’re being deluged with to pad revenues. Smurfs aren’t a problem, they are a money-making feature that is actively encouraged. You’ll see low-level characters that alternate between dominating rounds and then never hitting a shot in the next game. Lets them hover in their chosen bracket. A smurf can very easily look like they are trying while deliberately missing (once saw a Widow smurf shooting neat little triangles around a Trapped, immobile target’s head, while she had been consistently getting Halt-assisted headshots all round the previous game) and there’s no way it would look like anything other than an off game to anyone investigating a throwing report. The system is non-functional.

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but then they throw placements and get places a couple ranks below where the belong so it dosent really matter if you play “normal” or not…

I’ve reported multible people for competive game throwing, and they don’t get banned. Because a R56 besting their entire team by 300% isnt smurfing, or throwing.

Regarding the reporting of smurfs/boosters.

In a comp game, sure, thats what training is for. Wasting 60$ to obliterate actual new players is what I’m talking about.

Until I see some transparency as to what exactly “pretty significant analysis” is, I’m going to dismiss it as PR babble.

Agreed, it is just trash talk. They are not doing a damn thing, or I wouldnt be getting against the same smurf multiple times.

Fair enough, I guess. I’ve never had much of an issue with smurfing, but I play on PC.

I hear it’s a bigger deal on console.

Nothing like trying to play a fair quickplay waiting to get smashed by a rank 3 Doomfist kid.

just get better 4head. smurfing will never be fixed unfortunately. give up.