Boosting: Gameplay sabotage or cheating?

Which do I report it as?

Player in 2 stack, career high Masters, spent several seasons in Diamond, boosting silver players.

Which is it?

Neither, technically speaking.

Cheating, because it’s abusing unintended behaviour of the SR system.

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Very obviously do, since I see it every night.

If you see it that frequently, I think you might be misunderstanding what boosting is. XD

Two players playing together of quite-different skill levels does not automatically mean they’re boosting.

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When one had very obviously deranked substantially to do so, and is playing to their apparent best; yes it is.

Whether it’s friends or not is irrelevant, it’s still boosting. The 1k SR limit exists for good reason.

Do not report for cheating. They use a system to determine wether or not 3rd party applications are being used. Hit them with literally anything else.