Sharing My Opinions On The Report System

Made this topic last year, flagged it so a mod would delete it. Still waiting for this to be deleted.

You get a notification if someone you reported has been suspended/banned.

It doesn’t just take one report for someone to be suspended, it takes multiple.

Also, try to refrain from responding to abuse, you may end up adding fuel to the fire.

Participating in abusive chat or retaliatory responses to abusive chat is equally disruptive to the game. Two wrongs DO NOT make a right. That being said, looks like the report system is working as I have always believed it to work.



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what about smurfs and those actually using voice chat to abuse other players?

Simply put, anyone who finds a player who is disruptive needs to report, mute, and /hidechat, but that is NO excuse for also participating in the same manner.

I wish they implement a temporary test tool where each player that get reported will send out a volunteer opt-in to review the reported game with it’s text chat, (unfortunately the voice chat is not included,) and have them vote if the report was valid or not. Base on the results, than blizzard should manually investigate it.

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That doesn’t always work, that is the problem.

What doesn’t always work? Remember you are only reporting, you have no executive control to whether another player plays or not. Blizzard handles that. Once that game is done, the best thing to do is to move on and not worry about that player anymore. You have done all that you need to do.

Blizzard actually doesn’t handle smurfs, there’s no rule against it.

It is important to clarify that Blizzard does not specifically identify users as smurfs. That is a very broad term that is perceived differently situation to situation. I do not use the term “smurfs” myself as it causes more confusion than it should. Here is what you need to know:

He also later responding to my question on whether we feel a player is boosting if they should be reported.

Finally, throwing regardless of the account being used should be reported under Gameplay Sabotage.

If boosting and throwing is against the rules, they should be banning the accounts doing so.