So about that cheater

Should we post people who have thrown down to stomp newbies though the same form?

I’m actually being serious - we can’t post them on the forums, and the in game reporting isn’t stopping that problem.

This. On my Widow account in diamond I’ve seen the same guy boosting different people (then throwing days later to derank and boost some more) for about 4 months now.

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hackers tend to get banned in waves. If i remember correct, it’s so the creators of these hacks cant tell exactly what it was that tipped blizzard off on the accounts using them. That is if the automated report system doesn’t get to the account first.

If you are referring to players who are tanking or boosting their rank, you should only report throwers (regardless of their intent) using the in-game report tool.

Jeff Kaplan answered one of my questions saying they have the means to track players who are seriously boosting accounts inappropriately.

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How does this harm the reputation of a person who should be IP banned?

That is what I thought the answer was.

We need another way to do this - what we have isn’t working. End of season the low ranks get flooded with people throwing down. You can scan overbuff, and find 1000s of accounts where people have 80%+ win rates on one hero and sub 10% win rates on others. Who used to be in plat+ but dropped to bronze.

I get that you could have those stats with Widow, but Torb / Bastion / Winston?

It is obvious what is happening with those accounts, so where do we post them?

Here? It is against the forum rules.
We can’t push them through the cheating process.
We can’t report them in game, as they were not detected in game.

We are asked to let Blizzard run their process, but, it is obvious that their process isn’t catching the most obvious people doing this.

Well, a simple sweep of overbuff shows they are not being effective.

We get people posting overbuff profiles all the time showing people throwing down to low ranks and wrecking, the posts are removed, but… the problem isn’t going away.

People don’t have sub 10% win rates on torb unless they are using him as a throw hero.

Where do we go from here?

Or, I’ll put it in another way…

If they are being effective, and the large amount of posts on the forums, and various reddit forums and conversations on discord channels and the like are people just being mistaken, then they have a problem, that it is perceived that there is a massive issue, and they are ignoring it.

Either way, that is something they should be worried about, and should clear up.


That’s not what I said.

The problem is that sometimes people are wrong, and putting a video on display to publicly shame them is:
At best: Not helpful, since it doesnt stop them from cheating
At worst: The person isnt actually cheating and it harms that person’s reputation. Said person could be a streamer trying to make money, and accusations can lose viewers.

As a result, Blizzard’s policy is that you should not post videos publicly on the forum. They are probably grateful for you reporting it directly to them, but making a post on the forum won’t do anything.

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To be fair, that is pretty blatant. Like… There is not a lot of room for interpretation. Lul.

I didn’t say it wasn’t. I’m trying to explain forum policy, not anything about this one off case.


I know the difference between a blatant cheater and a good player. There is nothing skill-based about the video I posted. It’s completely and unabashedly using software to cheat. In Silver, no less. Your argument against my specific point doesn’t hold any water. Although, since the OP stated this cheater is STILL cheating, I guess you’re right. It wasn’t helpful, and didn’t stop them. Even when Blizzard was aware enough to delete my thread.

I wasn’t “shaming” anyone, I was stating pure fact. This individual was going about his day ruining games for every single person who happened to queue up with him, including people on his team.

So am I correct in assuming that blocking out their names while posting evidence of people cheating would be okay then because they couldn’t be contacted by other players to acquire the cheats and avoids a witch hunt situation?

I recommend avoiding posting video of anyone cheating on the forums at all. Again send those videos to Blizzard directly.


You’re missing my point entirely. It has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the video you posted. It’s general policy to prevent doing reputable damage in the event of a false report.

This doesn’t apply to just you, and nobody is saying you can’t tell the difference.It’s a general policy that applies to everyone on the forum to prevent the one in a hundred cases that leads to causing harm to someone who is innocent.

Your thread wasn’t deleted because someone is trying to silence you. your thread was deleted because it violated this policy.

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I literally warned you guys… on that thread… and the fact they don’t do anything unless it involves the forums and then they are super quick to silence people.

Good idea to keep the video and name off the thread though because it would just happen again. They protect hackers when did it become punishable to report a crime? In the 2019 blizzard forums

Blizzard is banning people base on reports, not videos on yt :man_shrugging:

And forum for sure is not for witch hunting, so stop doing so

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And trying to put a link to the video on the forums will not work. They will look at YT videos, but it has to be in the in-game report.

If I thought you were cheating, being a jerk, or whatever, I could post something about you here and because of how volatile the internet is, bad things could happen. Suddenly you could receive hate messages, death threats, or many other undesirable things, all for something you had no clue about and may have even been innocent of.

That is why the rule exists. There’s no bias towards anyone, it doesn’t matter if you cheated, hacked, or did nothing at all. The rule says you can’t make posts calling out other users, that means you don’t do it. The rule will be enforced.

There’s an email you can send video or picture evidence to and the in-game report system works great if you utilize it. There’s no need to bring it up here for “more exposure”.

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Blatant hackers take ages to ban.

But lord help that person using symmetra or torb on competitive.


Did you type the player name anywhere in the post?

It was in the video.

People sometimes think there are no cheaters in the game, so having absolute proof is a good thing. Since it stops people nor believing people when they post saying they are having issues with cheaters.

A bit of public shaming of Blizzard doesn’t go amiss either, though, unlike people throwing down to ruin newbies games, cheating software they already DO take seriously.

@WyomingMyst is right though - send those videos to Blizzard directly.