How to report people that we suspect account sharing being boosted?


I’m wondering how are we supposed to report these people that are sharing their accounts in order to get boosted to an SR that they don’t belong in ?

Game sabotage ? Cheat ?

Answered officially in an older thread:

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Thanks for the answer, tho it’s about smurfs, im not actually talking about these who smurfs as they don’t make me rage or whatever …

I’m talking about these who share their account with a high rated friends or whatever … and gets boosted to a rank they don’t belong in like : going to high rank (diamond or higher)

The thread was originally about smurfs. That response was to a post about boosting within the thread.

Fill out the 3040 Report for boosting signed in triplicate to the Korean Ministrary of Gaming with the appropriate seals and fees in addition to posting the appropriate name and shame article submission to at least 3 newspapers.

Or click the report player button.

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You forgot about the human sacrifice that is mandatory

Yes, but unfortunately, boosters don’t always post their home address.