Problem or Part of the Game

Does anyone else notice people are forming groups called, “Downrank to bronze”.

It’s both

You’re encouraged to report it


I don’t think there is a mechanism

You could take a screenshot of the group name/leader and send it in an attachment as a ticket. Normally, that’s not the way it’s supposed to go, but you’re right, there isn’t an option to report group names/existing groups.

As a game shouldn’t this be the responsibility of Overwatch Admin? I am sure they can monitor their own group names live or review history. As well as, review player statistics. I notice in some games you have a player quit immediately which I believe gives you a 50 point deduction immediately.


I know people throw the term “smurf” around a lot, but the strictest definition of the word is what OP is describing: someone who is actively manipulating their rank so they can play against lower-ranked opponents.

I have to imagine this sort of behavior sticks out like a sore thumb and is easily identifiable. Even so, I’d still report a group like that which is blatantly advertising itself as a derank/smurf group.