Finally out of Bronze 5 - those who are stuck READ HERE!

Edit 11/14:

After I skipped from Bronze 5 to Bronze 2, I went Silver 3 > Gold 4 > Gold 1 in subsequent updates. I think I only dropped 5 games total, so still around 80% WR. (I am not Plat 5, with around ~70% WR.

I want to iterate my post and experience was the anomaly of not promoting out of Bronze 5 with a ridiculous WR. Blizz fixed it in the patch mentioned below.

For those stuck climbing - this is a slog of a system. Ignoring any stat related mechanics - YOU MUST WIN MORE THAN YOU LOSE.

IF your expectation is to climb each update outside of Bronze 5, you need to either go 7/0 or 7/1 to ensure that. It’s not that simple, but you need to set that expectation for yourself. It’s not even a sure thing, as you might land JUST under the next SR Tier Number.

If you are in Bronze 5 - you need to do the above 5 times over. Set that expectation. It’s not fair. I know. But take that mindset to help curb getting tilted each promotion update.

Outside of that - best stat to focus on…DEATHS. Don’t Die. It’s not easy but you need to focus on that. Play your life. Know where health packs are. Don’t rely on your healers to live, and healers know where to position to survive. Healers especially - know how to 1v1 to kill or stall for help.

Advice I am giving friends - play this game like Paintball. Use every wall, payload, chair, sign, WHATEVER to protect your sides. Use corners to peak and shoot then cover to not take damage.

Good luck everyone.


I do believe the key issue revolved around this:

They have now made it identify performance (WR) in the first set and skip before you have to hit the hidden SR of 1100.

Even if they aren’t being specific, I do think they are addressing Bronze 5 as the “Rank”.


The language used is intentional so they don’t admit that SR is hidden and B5 has a deep SR pool.

By all means I need to say this - THANK YOU BLIZZARD FOR FIXING THIS SWIFTLY. Feels good to look forward to a weekend of climbing.

To all those players out there who were stuck - this should be some vindication! Hopefully this will create a better competitive atmosphere all around.

Good Luck!



28 wins, 80% WR. Skipped to Bronze 2.

Here is what is likely happening and why this is flawed for Bronze 5 only:

SR is still in place but hidden.

Due to the MMR (SR) “soft” reset - accounts that were decaying or in Bronze/Silver got placed at the bottom of the SR number. Many have speculated this was simply a reduction in SR near the 1000 number. THIS IS A KEY ISSUE

Here is what OW1 SR Tiers were:

  • Bronze: 1-1499 SR
  • Silver: 1500 – 1999 SR
  • Gold: 2000 – 2499 SR
  • Platinum: 2500 – 2999 SR
  • Diamond: 3000 – 3499 SR
  • Master: 3500 – 3999 SR
  • Grandmaster: 4000+ SR
  • Top 500: Top 500 players in region, regardless of rank.

In OW 2 - those are now broken down (and HIDDEN) as follows:

  • Bronze 5 - 0-1100 SR
  • Bronze 4 - 1101 -1200 SR
  • Bronze 3 - 1201-1300 SR
  • Bronze 2 - 1301 - 1400 SR
  • ETC. Each tier is another 100SR

Notice how Bronze 5 has a deep SR Range?

What is happening is you HAVE to get to 1100 SR to be considered for promotion. Only THEN will you rank up OR skip tiers.

7 Wins (no losses) = 350 SR (likely close to this number, based on me skipping and winning 7 straight.)

It would require nearly 3 updates to hit 1100 without losing. (losing drops the SR)

This is DEEPLY flawed for the start of the games first season as the reset squished good players into this tier. It’s forced them to grind out pure wins and nothing else to escape.

The biggest issue and impact IMO is that players who are new or Bronze in OW1 are getting stomped on (borderline smurfed on).

They are forced to feed wins to the climbing players until they are all out.

What a way to ruin the psyche of these players.

Keep grinding everyone. YOU GOT THIS.

I’ll update how my ranks go each 7 wins here. I suspect with 80% WR that I will start skipping (as each Tier is 100SR from here out) even more if I keep winning.

Special shoutout to all the commenters trying to ruin the pysche of people stuck in B5 by saying they “aren’t playing good enough” and having a “crazy Win Rate doesn’t matter.”


rock on Fho :slight_smile: get it!

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We did it - cracked the code!

I suspect Blizz will create a post explaining this and hopefully adjust how it works.

I hope everyone in B5 can find some hope in this post. KEEP GRINDING EVERYONE YOU WILL MAKE IT!


Not going to lie I came to this post and got hope so I queued up for comp and finally I have made it out of bronze 5. Only bronze 4 but we are continuing the grind. Cheers! :beers:


LETS GOO!! I am so glad this gave you hope.

I was adamant about figuring this out and providing some clarity for those frustrated like myself.

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So theres still an instance here where Blizzard need to redo the competitive

Either still due to bug…

Or the ranking system is garbage for new and returning players and needs to be looked at really carefully as to improve experiences across the board for everyone.

Either way Blizzard messed up

Have you ranked up further since this post @Fho?


Yes well done Fho, hope this does give hope to everyone getting bashed because they ended up in B5

I want us all to climb and do well. Thanks for doing research. You handled this well!

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I thinks it’s simply flawed by design and with the other issues the game has…not on the immediate list for Blizzard to address.

The thing is - if SR/MMR was transparent then we would have gotten to this specific feedback much sooner and with WAY less frustration from players.

I’ll be grinding another 7 wins tonight to see what happens next!


I agree. Same finding here.

I think the game works like this:

  1. Player’s last available SR from OW1 is carried into OW2 but downgraded. (roughly -800 to -1000 SR)
  2. Player have a hidden SR in OW2 and it changes after each game.
  3. After 7 wins / 20 losses, your hidden SR changes since your Last Division placement will be summed up and decide your new Division.
  4. Your SR changes after each game is based on the difference between your team average hidden SR and the other side’s average hidden SR, and your personal hidden SR.
  5. Your SR change will also be judged by common metric points listed on Battle Reports — e.g. weapon accuracy, special skill kills, to compared your key performance points to Division Average.
  6. If you are downgraded, your hidden SR could still be above 1000+ and will only gain 1 or 2 points because your team and your enemy team is mostly lower than 600. You will lose 8 to 10 points for each loss because you are supposed to carry the game.
  7. no way out , because you play in Bronze with huge number of returned players who has no idea about OW2 but still have comp mode unlocked.
  8. GG and HF on grinding.

Imma keep grindin this comp ban screen until they can fix their servers. Literally on an 8 hour ban which should have been totally avoidable if they didn’t take away the rejoin option from OW1


how much was the original sr gain for winning a game? Pretty sure it was around high 35-47ish.

Just don’t play trash comp. Its garbage, 6 years this is the best system they can come up with. Throw all players into essentially 2 ranks then just see what happens? Its trash that’s what happened. These games are complete and total unbalanced trash where nobody has the correct rank and its just an unfun mess. Cassidy and Sym on my team literally every single game lol. Garbage! trying to tank for useless players on weak heroes lol good times.

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It’s going to be rough in Bronze 5 until people like me grind out the wins to get to our true rank. The problem is we are stuck on Bronze 5 for WAY to long and ruining match after match since the hidden SR number is much higher than any other tier.

Bronze 5 is absolutely carry-able on any role right now you just have to focus on how YOU can tide the match over. Use the mic, be positive, and call out when to push aggro as a team when an enemy healer/tank is killed.

You have to keep in mind that higher ranked players are on the other Bronze 5 team and capitalize on every mistake effectively. True Bronze players are just not there in game sense.

My honest opinion - if you aren’t getting a 60-70%+ WR in Bronze 5 right now just don’t play competitive. Wait until the dust settles and then begin to climb.

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Its just not fun at all. Playing tank is completely garbage at low ranks. They’re either complaining cause you aren’t using a barrier. Complaining that you’re throwing/over extending by taking space. Running in font of you and dying then blaming you again for not having a barrier. Or they never even make it to the payload point or robot the entire match and just get spawn trapped the entire round. Its so bad lol I cant do it hah


Thank you Fho I was already suspecting this as well.

I do not have the mental fortitude to hard carry against the Diamonds stuck in Bronze so I will wait a week or so before stepping in again.

Didn’t Blizzard mention something about being more communicative and transparent? Hasn’t been a Blizzard rep post in a few days now about anything other than server issues.

Odd that.


Where in the world did you come up with these numbers/stats?

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Mind being a bit more specific?

SR ranking is all from OW1 and I am speculating since there is no transparency in OW2.

Mostly wondering about the SR #'s. You answered that. Thanks.

To add to this and confirm, I was high plat or maybe diamond back when OW1 first came out. I think around seasons 5 and 6? Havent played since so my account probably decayed alot and on top of the soft reset put me at bronze 5 after placements. It took me about 35 wins to get to bronze 3. Im now silver 4 and climbing. Theres hope out there, dont give up on the grind.


Good to hear others are experiencing the same - thank you for adding that here!

I think we are really closer to what is happening here even if the numbers are slightly off.

What needs to be changed: “Smurf” detection and the system skipping ranks BEFORE someone hits 1100 hidden SR in Bronze 5