Broken Ranked System

can anyone explain to me how the ranked system works in OW2, I’m now “ranked up” as a DPS for the 5th time and I’m still bronze 5. I’d like to know why. Especially since the average rank of the lobbies is already silver 2, I find that extremely strange.


Even the creators themselves don’t know how it works :expressionless:

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it’s just extremely frustrating like i’m already silver and only the png won’t reload

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bronze 5 has the widest sr range from 500 to 1100 meaning that if you have for example 500 sr and you win 25 per game 5x25 = 125~ (+ whatever the f they add after that)

look here

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The bug made 2 things happen for matches to not count one, and for the matches you played have negitive values so you got a one two punch that made it pointless to play.

The bug was fixed yes, but due to all the past match data being borked most people got ranked to 0 MMR and will need a while to build up. So everything is coin flip and the staff knows this and is trying to fix a multi tier problem, due to everyone being bronze 5 or will be bronze 5 it feels hopeless .

Give it a few seasons I wanna say S7 but S8 is a better time table, if you want the skins I would play Quick Play .

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I’m stuck in b5 too. It’s so bad that I can’t play it anymore. I just hope next season is crap.

there is NO bug keeping people in bronze 5. Don’t be discouraged! Read the linked post from Citalopram.

I have personally added/friended half a dozen people on these forums who have claimed there was a bug keeping them in bronze 5 and in literally every single case they either exaggerated how good they thought they were, lied about their wins, or just simply hadn’t actually played enough to climb out of bronze 5 (it is a deep hole, read the linked forum post from citalopram).

2 of the people I have friended took the advice and just worked on their gameplay and are now gold and plat players. One of them chose to make a new account and apparently is placed in gold/plat but still feels the need to mislead people on the forums that a bug is keeping their other account in bronze 5.

I promise there is no bug : ) GL on your climb!

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to escape the bronze 5 special elo hell you need 2 things:
1.Turn on your monitor /jk
2.Aim training. That is it, go qp/arcade and depending on what role you play work on your aim. Continue working on it until you can consistently kill the moira that uses fade to engage in you and walks in a straight line(c’mon now I know there are like flies there :wink: )
3.Alternatively if you don’t want to learn aim go moira/mercy/junkrat? and focus on positioning rather than pure aim. That being said this is going to come back to bite you in the :peach: when you reach high plat if you don’t plan to become a one trick.

I’m a Brig main. I only have to aim my whip shot. What I did to get out of B5 was create a new account. Now I’m in plat! This game is stupid.

I’d follow that advice up with

4: DON’T EVER DIE. Focus on reducing your deaths. Time spent in spawn will keep you in bronze.

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oh a brig main. Sry, sometimes I forget about that hero. I guess if you want to be a one trick that is also ok.

I have good aim on Kiriko from doing workshops for 3 seasons. I’m not a fan of aim trainers. I also have good aim with Solider76. He’s fun to play sometimes.

I was a Kiriko main. Already got the aiming down for her. She’s now my second. I also play Lucio, Mercy, and Baptiste. That’s for support. I play other roles but main support. Thinking of quitting the game though. It sure does suck with this matchmaking.

It suck big time. One of the worst mm i have ever seen in fact.
Don’t quit now tho, you already have the aiming for kiriko and you know brig. Those things can carry you to high diamond for sure.
I would like to say that it get’s better the higher you go…but i’m a filthy otp so what do I know.:joy:
Maybe with a roaster of 5 heroes it will be more fun so continue trying.

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i just won 5 lost 2 and went from plat 5 to gold 1 its crazy the dev team says get good win more games that how you rank up but people who are wining games dont seem to be ranking up

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I’m actually good with Lucio, Baptiste, and Mercy too. I think if I was good with Zen I could carry with Discord. I might try that before giving up. I made an alt account last weekend and got Brig/Kiriko. It started me in high Diamond games. I won the first one with Brig and had assumed it was Silver. Then I noticed the symbol was different. I got nervous and went on Mercy and won two more(I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s game). Then I lost until it placed me in low Plat. I think I won 2 Plat games on Kiriko for that placement. I felt like Kiriko and Mercy were way more valuable in Diamond and Plat compared to Bronze. I got no complaints, endorsed, and nobody got upset with my performance. I really liked Diamond. It was way more interesting. All those games, even the loses, were more balanced. I’m in low Platinum on that account, but I don’t think I will maintain it. I’m not sure what my skill level is, and I don’t trust the matchmaking. Someone who is Plat 2 should be able to get out of B5, so I think I‘ve just been Lucky. I thought I was low gold/high silver, but someone of that skill level should get out of b5. I had the b5 77% bug earlier in the season, so I don’t know if that kept me there or if it was cosmetic. Today I had a bad loss streak in b5. It makes me think I suck.

Sorry about the long text. My experience in comp this season has been terrible after the b5 77% bug(fixed now). I was climbing and then fell after B2. It also put me in B5 at the beginning of this season, which shouldn’t have happened.

That happened to me. I climbed to B2 with ease. I went 5-4, 5-3, and 5-5 and dropped a tier until I hit B5 77%. It told me B5 77% for 10 evaluations. I stopped playing until they fixed it and just not doing well in B5. The matchmaking and ranking are too confusing. I hope they do something. I can’t play it in this state.