Alright Rigged MMR Enthusiasts explain this

How did I rank diamond 1 on dps and then proceeded to pound my way back to GM on an OFF ROLE.

How did I get on my old main account that was plat on support and climb my way to GM MMR in like 4 placements. (last season I had 40 elims per 10 with bap and around 15k hero DMG in plat so my MMR was already pretty inflated.)

Thoughts on this?

( A little bit of extra info I made Cryonixs in 2018 and played on it mostly from 2019 to now my other account frooty was gold on dps and tank when I left it. The dps is now GM and the tanks is around masters the support hasn’t been ranked since it was plat I will finish them tho)

It’s Bronze 5 that is flawed in design.

Please read:

I am not there and can’t comment on that but I hope the issue resolves itself. :O(

It’s less an issue, more flawed in design.

Bronze 5 seems to have a deep MMR (SR) of 0-1100.

Every other tier is only 100SR in between. Hence the major win grind to get out and promote/skip. You will only promote when you get over 1100 SR.

Of course, the SR being hidden is causing problems with visibility to progress.

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haha peasants explain how the economy is rigged if i’m a billionaire!

If a homeless man became a billionaire and then gave away all his money and became a billionaire again would be a better example.

You’re a homeless man? You should focus on something other than OW imo then

Alright… Ill try to explain in a different way.

Ok so if we are saying the economy is rigged (economy is taking the place of match making) Then if a homeless man (the homelssman is a place holder for me who ranked bronze and am now a 44/45 or a Gm 1/2 tank player) would not be able to become a billionaire correct? The "economy would prohibit him. But if somehow the homeless man was able to become a billionaire you could argue that he got ugly and somehow the rigged economy didn’t effect him.

If the EX homeless man then gave away all his property and money and climbed up the economy again the you could make a healthy guess that the economy isn’t actually rigged.

I hope this explains things a little more.

The point was that you’re the exception, not the rule. A homeless man could win the lottery, throw it away, and win it again. I hope this explains things a little more.

But I didn’t “Win the lottery” I played very well to get where I am and I did it again and again. Could a homeless man throw all his money away and then rebuild a new business and become a billionaire again? Yes, you could argue that he got lucky twice but its not likely.

Im not an exception I’m the rule everyone can climb because MM isn’t rigged.

That’s your claim, but people have won the lottery multiple times before.

So, what I’m hearing here is I got lucky twice in climbing to sub 100 in T500??

Do it a third time, it’s easy for you.

Alright. I will just for you. I have a fewoptions. None of them are old accounts but I have a Masters tank account diamond on dps, and a few plat accounts ranging from around 27-2900 in OW1.

Alright, go handle that.

Which account do you want me to use?

Do all of them, increasing the sample size is the only way to produce valid data.

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I’m surprised you’re taking any of what they responded with at face value lol

I might… eventually.

I’ve learned that many people that hold the rigged MM belief don’t have the ability to use any sort of complex though.


And I don’t have any firm beliefs in a rigged MM, I’m just ribbing your because you are compelled to respond.