The secret to why you aren't ranking up after placing

After having an insane first 7 placement matches and then 7 more very strong matches afterwards I have figured out why people are still stuck in bronze 5. When they changed the new ranking system, in order to ensure no body “felt bad” about their SR score going down they simply removed all ranks that AREN’T bronze 5. Everyone wins.

But seriously after a full 7 win streak set of awesome placement matches and then 7 more ironclad wins I’m still in bronze 5, why is this still broken its been a week.

Anyone else sick of this?


It appears to be based on player skill as a main factor. My guess is they took a baseline of stats averaged from data gathered over time. If your match stats are above that then the matchmaker gives you harder games to see if your stats are high in that as well. If those things are true you go up. I’ve already climbed from B5 to B4 over the coarse of 7 placements and 14 regular comp games. Others have already climbed to gold from B5.

Example >
Player A heals 11K on average and is staying in B5 for over 35 games
Player B heals 17K average and 35+ kills average and goes up to B4

That is exactly what I did vs what another player said they did.


nice time to stop padding stats so my mmr drops and i get easier lobbies.


This is what is happening in Bronze 5. IT IS NOT STAT BASED.

We are being forced to grind 0-1100 hidden SR to get out of Bronze 5 starting at near 0. It took 28 wins with an 80% WR to get out for me.

I skipped to Bronze 2 as every tier after that is 100 hidden SR.


If it isn’t stat based then why did it take you 28 games to get out of B5 and it only took me 14? That indicates it’s something not based on win conditions like OW1 was. And there are people who have already played way more games with a high win percent, or so they say >.>, and are still in B5. IMHO there is something off with how B5 data was collected and it through off everything.

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Because Bronze 5 has a wide range of hidden SR . 0- ~1100.

this is the OW 1 SR ranges. SR IS JUST HIDDEN IN OW2:

  • Bronze: 1-1499 SR
  • Silver: 1500 – 1999 SR
  • Gold: 2000 – 2499 SR
  • Platinum: 2500 – 2999 SR
  • Diamond: 3000 – 3499 SR
  • Master: 3500 – 3999 SR
  • Grandmaster: 4000+ SR
  • Top 500: Top 500 players in region, regardless of rank.

I placed near zero because of decay in OW. You likely placed near the top close to 1000.

Bronze 5: 0-1100
Bronze 4: 1100-1200
Bronze 3: 1100-1200

Hence why I have to grind more wins to get out.

I have an 86% win rate with 28 games. Absurd tbh to be stuck in the same rank with that. It’s flawed design.

You can check my posts, I linked all my stats.

Here is a snapshot at 21 wins before I won 7 more straight: https:// imgur. com/a/uXv5lGY

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Also, if you are on a OW1 account that played and finished a competitive season, OW2 will use that data and you will be placed at the same rank -the 1000/1500ish SR OW2 puts people at.
Crazy matches with high stats won’t make you go up that much more than your OW1 rank.

So on a brand new account you have more chances of ranking higher or at your ‘true rank’.

Faster way to play at your own rank? Play in quickplay and stop grinding, that’s what the devs want so more people play for a longer period of time.

GRIND and look at that “juicy” battlepass after each loss!!! :slight_smile:

EDIT: BTW, each rank has their own bronze plat and master…etc. sub ranks. It was like that in OW1, just not displayed like OW2.
So you could be a Gold(sub master rank) and still be stuck there even with great stats.

I was 2985 at the end of ow1 and after going at least 35 and 5, 7 games straight I place gold 2, they don’t carry the old ranks over.

They did carry the ranks over and already stated they will place everyone lower automatically regardless of placements. They just hid everything. It’s all the same except now there are “tiers” to a rank instead of being one solid number from X to Y to rank out.

Bronze 5 is the only excepting being 0-1100sr while every other tier after that is only a 100sr separation for promotion. Probably because Blizzard DEVS have no idea how simple division works given how their spaghetti code isn’t holding up against scrutiny.

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I would have been at the absolute bottom if it went by OW1 SR. My account was broken by the original backfill bug. Blizzard told me to just buy a new account and I never did. I did spend some time in the very last season to get into silver on dps and support, but that’s it. I would have to be twice your skill level ( Older disabled vet btw ) so I doubt I have your reflexes.

First of all, there is your real(hidden) SR which you can’t see and there is displayed SR. Everyone’s displayed SR got decreased for about 500-1000 old SR, and until your get your old SR back you will get more SR from wins and lose less from loses. It was 100% the same when we had decay to 3000 and 3900 SR. But they kinda f’ed up and they also did this to every low SR player, resulting players getting to 0-1000SR category which they called Bronze 5. So in reality you can get from 600 to 900 SR but that would still be Bronze 5.

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Maybe you are just a bronze 5 player.

Yup - this is excactly what I found in my testing.

HUGE oversight and with all the issues in the game - something they likely won’t address soon.

They really should have added 15 ranks into bronze so you guys get some feedback as to whether you are improving or not.

Exactly - since the range of Bronze 5 in hidden SR is the same as Gold to Diamond.

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