No change after 7 wins

14 wins and 4 losses as support ( Moria & Brigitte ) later… Bronze 5 → Bronze 4. Playing Flex so had a few other games as tank which are not in that total. May be fixed now or I got reallly lucky.

Played from day 2, mainly support role on PC pool as Moira(6h), Anna(2h) & Lucio(2h). Starts from Bronze 5, then 7 wins to Silver 5, another 7 wins to Silver 2, again 7 wins to Gold 5.

Yesterday another 7 wins, but sticks on Gold 5. However, during the last 7 wins I probably facing 10-19 loses, my previous SR on OW1 is around 2400-2500, casual playing, so I guess it works ok to me.

But I agree, no indication of how ranking level up is annoying as hell


Ive noticed, if I roll 7, I’m going up 2 tiers.
If I lose a good mix (which I did for support) I might go up 1, none, or down actually.
I’m just guessing, and I can probably be spotted on other posts saying similar, but I think it’s the same rank system as before with makeup.
You still go up or down around 25 points for a win/loss, but it just doesn’t show until you hit either 7 wins or 20 loses/draws.
I learned it is possible to have a lot of one and then go all the way in the opposite direction and when that happened (lossed about 13 and then won 7) I stayed the same.

Don’t get discouraged though. I think not focusing on this number is healthy. Thinking about how to win the present game is what matters. It could be anything from muting a teammate all the way to playing 100% the “wrong” playstyle for a specific hero. But the key is being adaptable and being better at identifying that win condition.

For those of us who have played a long time, I am also guessing the last few seasons that stayed in out career profile ONLY were used to make the average for our mmr before dropping it by 2 full medal ranks. I only guess this because myself and my normal partner were placed very low on damage but both have peaked in high diamond. I placed at the bottom bottom in bronze 5. And I had very large number of 1 sided games and made it to Gold 2 before experiencing my first loss on damage. I then won a few lost another and finished up the 7 wins. In gold 1 I clean swept 7 wins and went to plat 4.

My only thing that changed is deciding identify the win condition and say for everyone to see. And it has been showing promising results.

Actually glad you’re here because we need some new faces and glad for your feedback because it means you care about this game.


21 wins now as a tank…no increase. Winning often too.

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Keep going. I finally got out of Bronze 5 with 28 wins and 80% WR.

You have to hit the Bronze 5 hidden SR Cap of 1100 to be considered for ranking up. I skipped to Bronze 2.

Super flawed system when it comes to Bronze 5.


Here is my post on it:

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I had horrific placement matches, went like 7 - 17 or something, placed Bronze 2. Steadily grinded out games with roughly a 65-75% winrate and after a few sets of 7 I rose to Bronze 1, then Silver 5, then Silver 4, then Silver 2, then Gold 5.

And I just went 7-6 on my last pip and didn’t move.

First time that has happened. The 6 losses were stomps though and every member of the team, me included, played badly. But my 7 wins were pretty convincing, with me scoring top damage/kills in maybe half of them.

God knows how the system works, all I know is that I prefer it to OW1’s “Win 12, Lose 25” points system. That crap was so broken.


My experience is about the same as yours. I went from bronze 2 to gold 5 in about the same amount of time. I have 5 wins now, and about as many losses. I think gold 5, give or take, is about my real skill level.

People act like stomps mean something about MMR but they don’t. Sometimes someone on your team is talking IRL or tired. Sometimes someone on the other team gets the hot hand. Sometimes someone is playing the wrong character because they are sick of the right one and need a break. That’s just life. Doesn’t mean a stomp reflects an error in MMR.

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I did my placements for all three roles:

Tank: was high gold / low platinum, got Silver 5 (only used Dva)
DPS: was mid silver, got Bronze 5 (used Widowmaker, Reaper, Bastion and Pharah)
Support: was high gold, got Bronze 1 (used Moira and Mercy).

Did not do Open Queue, but in OW1 i was high gold there, so i guess following this logic, will be Bronze 1 or Silver 5 unless i perform really bad.

I will experiment with the DPS queue to see if i can climb after 7 wins or not. Its curious that a similar rank in Tank and Support resulted in different tiers. Maybe only using one character benefited the stats vs flexing? As in dps used multiple characters and got tanked to the ground.

A friend of mine who was Master in OW1 got placed Platinum 3. After 7 consecutive wins, he got DEMOTED to Platinum 4. And his performance is always good, knows perfectly the characters he is using, counters…as expected of a Master player i guess. But still got demoted.

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I’ve never been diamond, and have often been in silver, but there were some games back in the day for reasons I was able to queue into a lobby full of high diamond players. The games were exactly like gold games. My team won easily because the other team was shrieking into match chat about someone not switching off torb, for example.

Sometimes I think hit scan players are better in diamond, but I don’t think there is much difference overall. Same stuff

21 wins or 21 WINS with no losses. That’s the key. You still have to win more than you lose. And I’ll just tell you outright, you’re going to get people here who throw over things like “chose a hero I’m bad at so everyone must be bad at them” or “the sound of their voice when they asked me to swap was annoying” we all get those from time to time. Just gotta mute them and do your best.

Personal experience shows you can absolutely annihilate the enemy team and the stats reflect that, and still lose. And a lot of times you’ll get people on both sides saying things like “bruh your widow was cracked” (meaning really good) but it doesn’t mean you’ll win. So the win condition is not always going to be kill everything.

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You are correct and here is my thoughts on what is happening:

Hello Basil, hope all is well man.

It’s possible that people at high plat/diamond etc were just sort of coasting/treading water at those ranks while silver/gold/low plat players were getting better all those years (maintaining rank is easier than climbing). It’s also possible that all the low-effort sandbagging plats and golds who fell into silver/bronze are actually trying now, and they’re giving OW1 plat/diamond players a run for their money in these lower ranks. It’s my theory that lots of people who were stuck in silver/gold had the skill to rank up, but not the commitment/desire. But now there’s incentive to go tryhard making the lower ranks more of a bloodbath than they ever were before.

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Can agree with the lack of commitment desire to fight my profile’s mmr. Lol

I also commented earlier and want to correct something, I had a big mix of wins losses 7 and 7. You would think that should cancel out but instead i actually went up 3 tiers. So i can’t say for sure how it’s working.

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The people who says that the people is just bad at the game, that’s not true, I played overwatch 1 at the time and I was platinum range and now I’ve played 21 won games and I’m still stuck in bronze 5, btw in my last 7 won games I’ve had 3 pog and 3 defeats, with phara 1 play I just did a few hours ago I ended with a 23/2/3 and over 15000 damage wtf

You will get there - I believe I figured it out here:

Keep grinding and stay positive, you got this.

Yeah, an appetite for the grind is just not something a lot of people have. I haven’t played OW2, but from what you’re saying here it seems like they’re trying to make it more skill/contribution based, which is good.

What ever is going on, the math speaks for itself

If winning 80% of the games puts u on the lowest rank in the world, who are losing?

Obviously if u are the worst of the worst while winning 80% of the games, some other players need to be losing 80% of their games…

which rank do those players get?

Also there is some systematic “keeping down the ranks of skilled players” going on

Last night I won 4 games and got 4 disconnects in the very second that the game would end as a win, just sending me back to the “queue for game” screen

Either it is coded (b.u.g or intended) or just some malicious activity by some1 going power crazed

It’s so aggravating. I played 12 games and lost 3. I can’t get out of bronze5 this is ridiculous. How are they doing server fixes and not addressing this major issue.

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Hey man, I am doing great! I have been channeling all of my Overwatch energy into getting physical and going to the gym again. How have you been?

I am still in the process of figuring out what the hell is going on with the matchmaker. But yeah, I think what you are saying is entirely possible and seems compatible with my theory IMO. The new incentive you mentioned contributes to redistributing players across the ladder, and I think this is done not only by looking at W/L primarily, but also performance, i.e., stats relative to the averages of your hero and role. These two assumptions together would explain why some people are stuck in Bronze despite a positive WR and why some people are able to climb despite a negative one.

I am still hoping that they will share some more details on the matchmaking changes in the near future.

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