Someone make OW2 rankings make sense

I was playing Overwatch for less than a year before Overwatch 2 came out and for most of that time I was hard stuck in low bronze. In the last few seasons I started climbing out and got to 1.7k(not much of an achievement for other players but it took a lot of grinding to get out of bronze) , I believe if I had more time I definitely could’ve climbed to gold as after I got out of bronze everything was going a whole lot smoother. I have just done my tank placements in Overwatch 2 and quite frankly I’m about to cry, bronze freaking 5. I only lost 3 games before I got to 7 wins and my performance was pretty good with the top eliminations and damage in almost every game playing as D.Va. A friend of mine also did their placements and got bronze 2 after losing a lot more games than I did. It’s not like I was expecting to rank high. I was hoping for maybe low silver or high bronze, but the lowest rank?? I just can’t understand it at all.

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Agree. Non sense. Im not a fan of OW2 anymore. More toxic that OW1


You didn’t play enough comp in OW1, so you started at ZERO SR.

Just keep going. Some other guy already figured it out. You need to hit 1100 SR to hit bronze 4.

This is why:

Keep Grinding.

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What do you mean other figure it out? Is there a recipe, if you continue receives toxic teammate either quitting, throwing, no care, pulling you down player you cant get out of your position.

Maybe they now knew how to cheat.
I dony like that its either I play hard which very frustrating or I will playing.