Bronze 5 just climb fast they said

This is the reality: 7PZSM1

20k heal+dmg (~50%/50%), nearly 20 minutes sweatmode to then have our 4k dmg sombra quit the game and throw (I am the red Moira which weirdly enough has the same name as my forum persona).

GJ devs.

(I have no clue if anyone wrote anything because I disable chat for competitive now to prevent growing a stomach ulcer or cancer.)


Imma be a little salty for a sec :salt:

This game is dead. I recommend 1 player games. At least they just effort into those.


That’s one game. You have to win 7 games or lose 20 games for your rank to update.
Also, it seems you were silver in Overwatch 1, so you should probably come back next season when everyone else climbed away. Your stats might not be as good as those of other players who ended up ranked down there.
Also, this might help you:

Leavers penalizing ppl is out of control.
Enough is enough


Everyone else playing Competitive has games that are lost causes too. If you’re truly under-ranked then you’ll climb.


Just FYI your “forum persona” is just the same account that you play the game with.

LOL, that was funny to watch. That sombra was awful, i can see them being perma hardstuck in bronze.

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You really have to play well to carry yourself to climb up. Unfortunately teammates have still way too much factor in winning a match

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Surely, there are also games like this: DYRDVT
Yet again, ~20k combined stats, this time 5k dmg 15k heal on Lucio/Moira/Lucio carrying our feeding Brigitte.

This was my 7th win (I guesstimate to have had ~19 losses though, since most games were like the first) and I went from Bronze1 to Bronze2 (Bronze5 is where I started after placements though).

Considering my stats are in average twice as much as my teammates have and I am dropping in rank means the usual cheap, toxic troll comments from my extra special friends in these forums (they know) won’t even get an answer.

This gets a quick mention though for their ignorance showing they didn’t even bother to read what I wrote about my stats in these games.
Also thanks for the “haha I stalked your profile you’re bad because…”, fact is that I season by season deranked in OW1 because I only did placements each season since all my friends quit this game. So naturally my rank in comp went downhill. The only reason I tried comp in OW2 is because of the trash challenges combined with the fact that comp queue is often faster than quickplay queue.

Anyway, TL;DR: This game = canine poo poo.

I’m Wood 7 how do I get out?

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Thank god you are an awesome example of a human being giving useful advice instead of just unloading random toxicity like I would expect from the bronze5 people I listened to when still having chat enabled.
Oh, wait…

There’s no trick. You are just toxic too.

“No u!” Is exactly what I expected, thank you.

and now he fights against gold-plat players who also dropped by blizzard into bronze 5 by some reason
i recommend just to wait 2-3 seasons untill ranks are stabilized

I don’t wanna sound rude or mean, but you gotta practice a bit more.
I’d also recommend just trying to communicate and working through the toxicity, eventually you’ll make a few friends who’ll queue and hopefully climb with you. Or at the very least keep a rein from trying to solo the enemy team.


  • Your Ult usage was a bit weird, I think the one time you made superb use was right at the end of r1 to clear the cart. r2 you ran headfirst into the enemy team and ulted which was just a waste.


  • Uh, your lucio movement is definitely not bad, but I’d say practice aiming with him his m1 can dish out some pretty substantial damage now, but that voiceline bm towards brig…
  • Moira on r2 was pretty okay, there were some moments where you definitely could have followed your team out a little while still having a fade safety route available.

I watched your hammond video too, and this “7PZSM1”. I just like to say, try to follow up on your actions. If it’s heal to save, it’s heal to save, if it’s right click to kill, it’s right click to kill. It seems like the enemy is not punished hard enough and your team mates are not saved quick enough.

A large part of your heals are used on over healing and healing people who are not engaging. E.g. “Rein was holding shield, while you were healing him as a duo. The net gain is just damage into your team, no oppressive fire.” So you got to know what is useful heals and not useful heals.

For example, if you can kill, you don’t have to heal. If you can’t kill, you heal. < Although it’s not limited to these two rules. There are many other things, like zoning out the ash on high ground, so that your team don’t take damage. You could reach, but maybe you felt it was the DPS’s job.

yo should see when a GM tries to help their mates out of bronze, saw a vid the other day he was ofc on an alt account. he could not even carry, cus everything is a mess down there.


He belongs to French forum. People and moderators are ultra toxic there so don’t worry. You are trash talk fir nothing. They think they are gods and others are very bad. And moderators are not better : they accept their toxicity and ban those who are not like them.

I was perma ban for 4 or 5 things like : make threads like : comparing overwatch to battleborn, making a thread tellung to a specific forumer that i had replays for him, saying to someone who insulted me (and wasn’t ban) that he was bad at this game and saying that firumers are not do.keys that believe everything what they translated in you have treated forumers of monkeys → permanent ban.

So almost everything coming from French forum of OW is yoxic.

Just ignore them.

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No need to be rude. I didn’t call you bad, I just meant some gold, plat and maybe even higher also ended up in bronze.
Your stats on that game don’t necessarily reflect your average stats.

Why take it so seriously? Relax man.