Are Hard Stuck in OW1 = Bugged Bronze 5 Accounts in OW2?

I have no way of knowing this for sure but I’ve considered the idea that hard stuck accounts in OW1, i.e people who have an account that just can’t seem to rank up, could be the ones facing the bug in OW2 that is keeping people in Bronze 5.

I think it’s at least a possibility that the changes in OW2 have revealed a long time bug that existed in OW1 where certain accounts cannot rank up normally. I’ve witnessed this on at least one of my accounts that was stuck in high gold, low plat, despite being able to fairly easily rank 3+ other accounts up to Masters, now we have countless people reporting an actual bug where they are placed in Bronze 5 and can’t move up despite playing well.

Has blizzard released anything official (statement, or video) on what is happening with matchmaking?

I figured out what is happening and posted here: