Finally out of Bronze 5

I just wanted to post this to hopefully give some people hope that they can make it out of Bronze 5 even if you lose a bunch of games but are still basically the only one on the team out playing everyone.

First rank placements I think I won 7 matches and probably lost around 12-14 games since people were leaving, disconnecting, or just sitting in the corner hoping to get low ranks. After I got placed Bronze 5 which most people here are complaining about and I was included. My own plays I was playing Support but consitantly doing Top Damage / Healing / Eliminations everygame. So I thought sure maybe the loses count for more. Next 7 wins I had about 4 loses on, and again I got Bronze 5.

This went on for another 14 games after constantly getting Bronze 5 but outperforming everyone that I played against. It took me 35 wins after my initial 7 of winning and I think I have a 50% win/loss ratio right now since I solo que and it’s usually a toss up if I will get decent teamates or still some that refuse to play or get disconnected mid match. I am now Bronze 4 so it makes me beleive the others that have stated that Blizzard just deleted 1k SR from everyone and now the grind back out is what is happening.

I just wanted to post this to give people hope that you can climb out but I do think they need to be more transparent about how to climb out or progress of climbing out because it’s very discouraging to do so well and even get on a win streak then just see bronze 5 every 7 wins.

Good luck out there and hopefully you can start to see progress soon too.

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We made it out! I wrote what I think is happening here: