Ranks need Reset. Season Needs Reset


You cannot admit that the ranking system was broken but STILL force people to play through it.

Every account that did placements BEFORE this patch, needs to be reset and placements need to occur again.

The SEASON needs to be reset as an entire WEEK out of 9 weeks has been lost progress, unfairly so, to players affected by Blizzards poor launch problems.


I mean I don’t mind placing silver as long as I get to play vs. other silvers which was clearly not the case. Probably one of the reasons they removed rank icons, so you can’t see how rigged the games you are getting put into are unless you check the open profiles of your opponents.

The patch says that you’ll be boosted to where you should be after rank adjustments. I don’t see how a reset is needed if that’s the case.

i think Blizzard needs the reset…

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I was wondering why I went from gold to the very bottom of bronze(7/0 placements). Yeah, the placements were totally F’d but at least I’ve been climbing out fairly quickly. But it does feel like all my Comp matches meant nothing.

The comfort of the individual player does not matter.

The Season is now skewed wildly because of a bug with ranks. That dictates a complete Season wipe and reset.

If you are happy, cool story. Not what the discussion/topic is about.

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We told them it was a bug and the shills said “gitgud”.

Well, now we forever have an excuse. The trust is gone. Think you don’t belong in your rank? It might be a bug. There is no more defense or excuses for this bad design. The potential for your stuff to be bugged is not only plausible but proven.


offer new placements to people for 500credits… bam. bet blizzard will like that one!

It wasn’t broken - it was flawed.

They are now simply allowing promotions to happen before the hidden SR threshold for each Tier.

Specifically Bronze 5 which was 0-1100 Hidden SR.

The language used is intentional to hide what the underlying issue was.

I agree, ranked needs a reset.

They literally said it was a bug.
It was bugged. i.e. not working as intended due to some incorrect coding.

We can always use that against the gitgud people now. LMAO that’s the best part.
Hardstuck? Maybe it’s a bug. Maybe some of us were bugged all during OW1?

They did not say it was a bug - they said there was an “issue”.

Issue being too many people placed in Bronze 5, and the deep hidden SR pool had them stuck since they had to hit the cap to promote.

They fixed this issue by allowing people to promote before they hit the next SR tier when identified.

issue meaning bad algs unwanted side-effects and pr damage control. got it.

All of their content is monetization.
The entire UI/UX is an in-game shop.
That’s it. That’s all we got.
A gatcha game that doesn’t care about you, it just wants ur cash.

What makes you think this greedy corporation is going to make sure the ranks have integrity? What evidence do you have the ranking system is legit when literally everything around it is fake.

My competitive matches aren’t even being recorded all together and I have won 14 matches in each role and it’s only giving my my first few comp matches I did.

I already shared my thoughts, which was shared around the community and likely put the fire under the devs:

While it is great you maintain positivity and have posted your findings, a lot more work needs to be done. It’s great that they’re trying to address the issues, but again…without auditable and transparent code we’ll never know if some bug is keeping us down (or up).