I want clear explanation how the rank system work

I want the list of all the things that cause rank up. I want to know what is the driven factor behind winning and never moving up before 20 losses. I want to know why I mercy and ana player. With sometimes 10 or 22 k heals. Why can’t I get out my current division. The previous ranking was demoralizing but also show progress being made. I now know nothing if I am making any progress. I look at my stats and I keep getting better ones yet I don’t move up. It feel hopeless.

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It doesn’t work.

here the explanation.


Here is what I think is flawed about Bronze 5 specifically:

tbh old system is better.

after getting 7 wins i got really discouraged when i saw you again have to get 7 wins or 20 loses before even seeing your progress.

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Ok but there one issue. THEY ARE ALL FULL OF PREMADES. FULL OF PEOPLE WHO SHOULDN’T BE IN THIS RANK. I Can’t keep dps alive if the genji keep headshoting them again and again. I can’t win games if people keep dc. I have 3 people dc 3 times. This is nightmare.

Yeah it doesn’t. They couldn’t figure it out so they threw everyone in 2.5 ranks and now just they’re just letting it play out and see what happens was the thinking. Just don’t play comp its extremely poorly done and its gonna take months to get to an even remotely balanced state

I was 1900+ in OW1

I won 7 lost 1 in placement and still got bronze 5, so there’s something else weird going on

Well after playing all week every moment that I could. I manage to rank up to bronze 4. I ready for the 100 straight losses that are coming my way.

  1. If you play well you get a higher rank, if you play poorly you get a lower rank.
  2. If you think you played well but got a lower rank, see point #1

Yeah at this point we need a break down on what we’re being graded on. I can accept the rank I’m put in as long as I’m given some sort of clue as to actually “improve”. At this point it looks like losing 20 games is more worth while so long as you find the specific stats to progress.

Queued as DPS I continually have a 2nd dps that ends the match with less than 5 kills/assists. I want to know how my stats manage to make the game lump me into the same bucket as that player.

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