Reset the damn ranks for real

I have used to play ow back in first seasons and we were a group of trolls back then, team of 6 just having fun enjoying without caring about the score. after about 20 seasons i wanted to play for real with a new group of friend but i cannot because even tho i haven’t played for 20 season i am still placed based on my old rank and we cannot group up. I thought maybe the god damn ow2 resets this stupid system but no. i just got 7 win in a row and got placed bronze 5 which is literally the lowest rank in the game. FOR FULL WIN STREAK during pLaCEmEnT mAtCheS. Where as my mate gets places to gold with 5 loss 7 win.


They did reset the ranks everyone is placed lower than in OW1 you now have to climb for your true rank.

On the plus side personal performance seems way more important than it used so if you are a casual player bad luck with teammates shouldn’t be as bad as it used to be.

Welcome to thunderdome where on the left you have the normal bronze players just trying to learn and play at their level. On the right are all the plats and gold deranked for “Progression”. For ranked 2 teams enter no team leaves “Bronze 5”

i literally carried 7 games, this was my support rank. all top heal all, either top or 2nd dmg. ( somehow dps players are soo bad, tho both sides are bad ). this literally makes no sense if it’s reseted. Deranking everybody doesn’t mean reset.

Here is what is happening:

Bronze 5 is a deep SR hole from 0-1100. You HAVE to pass 1100 to promote or start skipping ranks.

That is at least 3 “updates” without losing.