Bronze 5 Rank Bug!

Can we please get this fixed?! I have won 7 in a row multiple times and still no rank up…

Stuck in the same boat. Please fix (at least acknowledge it as a bug.)


So true. Honestly, it would bring more peace of mind to acknowledge it instead of leaving everyone in the dark :confused:

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i’d be happy to just see bronze 4 tbh lol

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Surprisingly my first ever rank placement was Bronze 3, but like, it’s stayed bronze 3 for several placement updates :,)


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Read this: Finally out of Bronze 5 - those who are stuck READ HERE!

TLDR; We are in the lower end of Bronze 5 which have a SR range or 0-1100. Winning only 7 games is not enough to get out.

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I really hope that’s the case.

This is from user PsxLiang:

I agree. Same finding here.

I think the game works like this:

  1. Player’s last available SR from OW1 is carried into OW2 but downgraded. (roughly -800 to -1000 SR)
  2. Player have a hidden SR in OW2 and it changes after each game.
  3. After 7 wins / 20 losses, your hidden SR changes since your Last Division placement will be summed up and decide your new Division.
  4. Your SR changes after each game is based on the difference between your team average hidden SR and the other side’s average hidden SR, and your personal hidden SR.
  5. Your SR change will also be judged by common metric points listed on Battle Reports — e.g. weapon accuracy, special skill kills, to compared your key performance points to Division Average.
  6. If you are downgraded, your hidden SR could still be above 1000+ and will only gain 1 or 2 points because your team and your enemy team is mostly lower than 600. You will lose 8 to 10 points for each loss because you are supposed to carry the game.
  7. no way out , because you play in Bronze with huge number of returned players who has no idea about OW2 but still have comp mode unlocked.
  8. GG and HF on grinding.

Resource to above quote

Honestly would wish they had a status bar or something to show if you go forward, back, or maintain the same points idk


i won much more than 7. i had rank refreshes multiple times and still not even bronze 4. my friends that have pretty much played with me from the start already have silver 1 and 2…

Update: Played some more ranked games and ranked up surprisingly.

It may actually be that it’s such a large scale of points that you need to grind to be able to rank up :frowning:

I was able to rank up one rank after 7 wins to 3 losses (this is my fourth rank update)


Congrats! Hopefully I’ll see a rank up soon as well :crossed_fingers:t5: