Finally out of Bronze 5 - those who are stuck READ HERE!

Ranks above diamond decay but under that it doesn’t. So even if you were diamond, you would’ve been platinum.

I was diamond previously…Bronze 5. I refuse to play anymore ranked games until blizzard corrects my ranking - if this was OW1, then I’d expect low gold or above as a minimum.


So basically you are saying that I will be stuck in bronze 5 forever? I’ll get on and play and I have no group and do fine at my role as support but get steamrolled 3-5 of the first games i play then win maybe 2 or 3 and get steamrolled again. Ain’t no way that is right and Bronze 5 play.


I won most of my Lucio games, performed with the most healing (enemy team included), occasionally did at least the third most damage, next qualifying I was still bronze 5. The two games after that, the two DPS on my teams together didn’t even get over 5 kills and we lost. I was telling them to go for the enemy supports first but their aiming was absolutely terrible - it just isn’t fair to be playing ranked with people like this when I was diamond in OW1.


Let me be clear - it’s not fair at all. It needs to be changed and fixed.

My suggestion is to stay away from Competitive if you are losing more than winning in Bronze 5 and wait until the dust settles.

Keep your head up and focus on having fun. I know that’s hard when you want to just grind ranks.

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I have this scenario. Im playing both console pool and pc pool.

Console pool: 7 wins and 15+ defeat, promoted to Bronze 4

Pc pool; 35 wins and every set of placement i have 3-6 defeat. But still on Bronze 5.

For example.

1st set: 7 wins 3 losses…
2nd set 7 wins 4 losses……

Im a dmg carry with average elimination of 25-35. 15-20k dmg per game. But still on bronze 5.

After 14 wins in a row and staying bronze V my next 7 wins (with 2-3 losses) I made it out to Bronze 4! Gonna keep on playing, it felt so good to see that stupid 4, my buddies are slowly leaving bronze as well so there’s hope to get back to where we were at last.


See what you are experiencing is exactly why it’s flawed.

Those losses are reducing your hidden SR gains so you are crawling back up slowly to get to the 1100 number.

IF you had visibility to this - you would have a much better idea of where you are at. Instead, every update leaves you clueless and frustrated.

Im using same account in both pc and console. But why on console, promoted me to B4 and PC still stuck on B5 with a great performance hahahah

Congrats - you made it!

As satisfying as it is to get out and see even just Bronze 4 - all those wins and time were wasted crawling out of a bucket you shouldn’t half to with your win


So you were actually Bronze 15.

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we all know in the lower ranks the players on PC are worse than console. My experience on Apex. So yeah cant say will PC harder lol its a bug

I’ve been pretty solidly mid-Silver for a while in OW1 (peaked mid-gold several seasons ago). Placed into B5 in OW2 and got promoted to B3 after 21 wins (not sure how many losses I had).

I figured it was something similar to your theory, I mean everyone is saying that they intentionally dropped us all a bit, and even in OW1 Bronze had a much larger SR range than every other rank. Plus, with so many people playing right now (including those who haven’t played in years), everyone adapting to new maps, heroes, 5v5, and balance changes…it simply may take some time and struggling to climb out of B5/bronze.

But you’ve also made a really good point that this royally sucks for true B5 players that have essentially no chance at climbing until all the more-skilled players have fixed their own SR.

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I am glad you made it out as well!

I really wanted to test this and share as I have seen the frustration and shared it myself.

It’s quite demoralizing especially when you reach out to the community and most responses “You are not playing well” or “You need better stats”. So much noise and not enough community work to figure this out and support each other.

Blizz is not doing it, as we can see.

I already suspected that their internal score was broken, because bronze is 1500 SR and the other ranks only 500 SR, and that’s it.

A std::min/max should be enough.

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I don’t see it. From my experience wins and losses have meant nothing at all. If we’re comparing it to the old system then I’ve gained over 2,000 SR over about 130 games. My stats are still broken so I can’t be sure but it feels like I’ve lost a lot more than I’ve won, I’d be very surprised if win rate was over 50%.

Taking those numbers and an average of -25sr on a loss I would have had to be awarded over 55sr for every single win I’ve had. Or, more likely I’ve been gaining or losing 0SR on losses as well.

I’m not some cracked GM player either. I was a mid gold average support main in OW1. If OW2 hides SR, why even use it at all? Isn’t it more likely that after every 7-20 matches they adjust your MMR and then convert that into a rank adjustment?


Ive already uninstalled. Too much wrong with the game. This ridiculous rank system was the final straw.


Idk I’ve been playing tank and soloing sigma. I have a 74% win rate 41 games top dmg every game. I’ve been re ranked like 5 times. Bronze 5 every time. I haven’t played in years. But I’m wiping the floor almost every match. How many games do they want me to play to even get out of bronze 5. I’ve been grinding for hours and not an ounce of progress. I almost want to give up already.


What was your OW1 Competitive history?

What’s the most recent losses versus the wins?

It’s possible you were at near 0 like me and need the a lot of SR to get to 1100.

This is the problem - it’s so hard to tell.

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This actually makes a lot of sense, though it doesn’t completely explain how I was able to skip 3 tiers (bronze 5 to bronze 2) on console and not even promote on pc, but it does give me a solid direction in learning more about the new system, and what kind of a WR is needed. Hmm…I’ll have to collect more data on this and pay close attention to both console and pc ranks and WR. Time for a spreadsheet :smiley:
Anyways, enough of my crazy-person rant, thanks for posting the details on your own findings since I couldn’t find an answer to this anywhere. The only important information I found was that there would be a “partial reset every season”.

I mean… Wasn’t this the most obvious and logical explanation? They did write in the patch notes or somewhere that each rank is around 100 SR.

The only thing that have been confusing to me, is why people were put in bronze 5 at all when they were much higher ranked in OW1. That’s the bug(?). I was put in silver and I’m in plat now.

Getting out of bronze should be easy if you are a good player. But the problem is that so many players that don’t belong there are all fighting to get out. So bronze isn’t actually bronze, its a pool with players from all types of ranks fighting each other. Its pretty much based on luck until most of the higher ranked players gets out of there.

If you get lucky in lots of matches getting lets say 5 diamonds players in your team, you can roll over the opposite team that might have 5 actual bronze players.

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