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It wasn’t a reset. They put me much lower than I should have been and then pushed me back to where I was beforehand. It’s just more MMR manipulation/shenanigans; something absolutely no one asked for.


yeah nah, this wasn’t a reset. not an mmr reset anyway.

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All the crying, I love it.

Yikes imagine having nothing better to do but post 1708 times in the forums lmfao.


There was no reset. The current visual rank is fake. MMR/SR is the same as it was before. I placed diamond 2 and all i get is games with pro’s/streamers/high gm’s regardless of what my visual rank is showing.


It is hilarious, yeah.

But truth be told, this isn’t a reset.

Nor this was an adjustment.
They just lowered everyone by around 2… divisions? (1000SR or a little more. Or even a lot more if you were GM and didn’t played for years)).
So, Bronze, Silvers and Gold are now in Bronze.

And then they bugged it and now even some GMs are being placed in Bronze.

I made it back to Gold relatively easily, maybe 6-7 hours of ranked. Even after updates where I had a sub 50% win rate, my individual performance was usually higher than the tank I stacked up against (at least for what the scoreboard communicates) and I guess the game is taking that into account more

You don’t know what the word adjustment means, apparently.

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Here is what is happening in Bronze 5:


It is pretty damn funny. Some people will complain about everything, everything.

If participating on forums is such a waste of time, why are you here?

There wain’t a reset

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What long queue times does to a mf
(I’m the mf)

Better than being a TikTok drone at least :skull:

Yea, i got placed way lower than i should have been (silver 5), farming POTG in between horrendously skewed, absolutely unwinnable games, where it felt like the game gave me a handful actual bronze players and threw them in the meat grinder to fill queue time

Got back to plat in barely a couple days and still not quite there yet, almost every game being hilariously skewed either way

The question being, will i have the patience to keep enduring teammates i have no business being paired with until i make it back up to where i belong

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I think better put there is no b4/3 since it’s <=500?

ooof another no lifer.

LMFAO. Instantly replied. Haven’t been on here in two days. Like really though, is this your life? OW and when ur not playing ur in the forums? Like if that isn’t mental health issues I don’t know. And when you’re not here I bet you’re on reddit. LMFAO


Get some help incel.

Genji needs a series of buffs.

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You seem like a nice person.

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