Competative Ranking System actually sucks

I think the ranking is currently very messed up because of many new/returning players. You have certainly been thrown into a match with a wide variety of people. So it is not surprising that the algorithm for ranks can lead to strange results. Don’t get discouraged and see such a rank more as an opportunity to work your way up to your actual rank over the next few weeks.

However, this is impossible. You have to win at least 7 matches to get a rank.

I know, however, i have lost 2 games before I have got my rank, I still got 7 wins, but lost twice in a progress, i dont know if that counts toward the ranks (the 2 losses)

ranking system is just as they say not enough information about progression and i can barely read what my rank tier number its so small i cant make it out, also i don’t like how I’m constantly getting diff. in all my roles i understand i was bronze in ow1 but now more than ever i feel like i playing against gold players more than anything. The difference in skill gap in my games are to great i cant keep up at all.

Probably because you are. A lot of gold players placed in bronze. If any new players have stuck it out you should start seeing them popping up in bronze after their 50 wins soon too.

The UI feels rushed and unfinished to me. It’s really just a skin over what was there before rather than a redesign. The player profile looks especially bad. I did notice that the web profiles are under maintenance and has been replaced with, so perhaps something better is coming in the next patch for the game client too.

So if I have 800 damage on Widow after 3 minutes you would say I suck and should maybe lose SR? But what if I made 4 picks (200*4) before every fight and my team killed everyone else easily? And sometimes you can have very high damage on heroes like Ashe but all of it will get healed, meanwhile Sombra will have 3 times fewer damage but her hacks will result in kills almost every time. Same goes for healing in some cases. You should play for value, not for damage numbers. So I would say that current system is better than what you propose.

It’s not about stats. Getting out of Bronze 5 is flawed. I tested and proved it here:

This still means that PLACEMENT is broken

I won 7/7 games with top kills, mit, and dmg in match. Bronze 5. This placement system is butt.


Yeah comp is pretty trash. I wont be playing, QP is fun though. Sorry Bronze players I cant tank for you guys, you’re terrible! Bad positioning bad aim, no game sense, thats cool ill stick to QP lol.

so i just did my placements as support and went 7/4. the last time i played comp was about 2 yrs ago
(maybe even 1,5yrs ago?) stopped playing being 3100sr as dps (i think) and about 2800sr as support but i got placed in silver 4.

idk but feels kinda discouraging because i dont believe i played this bad :confused:


Agreed. Ov2 sucks in match making… specially in the lower ranking where its hard to get out those toxic people.

Doesn’t have to be “either or.” Wins account for intangibles while stat-related awards are tangible measure of value.

Depends on how you define “better.” There’s not a sane person on the planet who would prefer that their employee compensation was calculated in such a way that their above-and-beyond individual performance was nullified unless the company did well. Employee productivity and moral would fall off a cliff if the efforts of high performers were normalized across the entire team. There’s a reason why the world doesn’t work this way.

And yet, that’s the compensation system you want in OW?

With how all my games have been going and still going I have just lost the will to play comp. anymore, I’m going to stick with quick play until they hopefully polish up this whole ELO / MMR thing with comp. I’m trying my best at all times during my games but its just not enough I’ve been on a losing streak for the past couple days now and its taking a toll on me. :frowning:

I cant even get a rank. Its not showing my placement maches or anything.

Man same, i played like 3 compet seasons in ow 1 and placed around gold, and sometimes i almost hit plat, but here i got bronze 4 after frikin winning 6/7 games, totally rocking everyone, getting medals and so on…

Blame the MM devs! They haven’t made an improvement to the algo since it was launched. We still don’t know what makes a gold tank equal to gold support equal to a gold DPS aka why is this tank player ranked the same as this dps or support player. They hid the SR and emblems, so now you don’t know who’s on your team. It’s a way to hide the system being broken so they don’t have to fix it.

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Rank sucks , about to quit this game of overwatch,

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They changed the Algo alot. Now instead of long queue times trying to find the 50% balance it just grabs whomever is close enough from the available pool of players.

This is why you see bronze in plat games. At that second the matchmaker looked to create a game it only found the bronze players close enough to the ranks of everyone else. Instead of waiting minutes to fill the queue it presses the start button right away.

The reason is long queue times does not sell battle passes. If players can only play 2 games a night they would not progress enough to want to purchase a battle pass.

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yes but you didnt bake a cake and made lemonade for the whole team during the match so the system evaluated you werent useful enough…also there was a smurf character that maybe played around 2 days before you on that same map so that totally reduced your ELO…and you didnt read baba vanga’s last book that thoroughly explains how this system works

winning 7/7 and expecting to move from bronze 5 to at least bronze 4 on ranking re-evaluation LOL get real son l2p

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does people being stuck at a rank no matter their effort or score help sell the battle pass?