Winrate vs Performance - how to climb

Your logic on the mei thing seems counterintuitive. The rank is based on your performance overall, not the 2-3 minutes one would spend feeding to stall or in overtime.

Yeah, but relative to what? If Blizzard thinks your “performance overall” as a DPS is your damage and elims relative to people in your role, then the system is still biased against utility heroes like Mei. If I wall off their tank and get my team to focus fire them, anyone would consider that a good Mei play, but on the stat board that will just show up as an assist. If your performance overall is relative to other people playing the same hero, the situation still has a huge impact, like Moira will do a lot less damage if the enemy has a DvA, that’s not Moira being a bad player, DvA can just delete Moira orb really easily and that’s how the game works. The nuances of this game make performance tracking much more complicated than it would be in a game with a more universal skill set.

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Yeah i remember that i had an alt account that i didn’t touch in a long time that was in low gold,

Started playing it again and i was gaining 60+ sr on wins and losing 6 ~ 10 sr on loses,

Didn’t take me much to get back to diamond.

Honestly we need more screenshots throughout the journey.
After reviewing Fho’s screenshots and taken into consideration what I said above.
I think we are a lot closer. It seems wins give a very small amount of sr and losses, lose barely anything. The more games you play the better. Fho might have decayed to 0 or even a negative number before this season. If I had to guess it seems around FHO will need around 40 games to progress, which has played 27.
If I had to also guess the performance for FHO is clearly not based on accuracy or just straight kills, because then FHO wouldn’t have had any games that triggered a bad performance. It seems deaths for DPS play a very large role as 1.8 minutes per death is very high if that’s the only stat you are looking at. I would consider Blizzards system to be a very simple one.
I would bet it is all based on time played and if a specific stat like death looks bad on it’s own it gives an overall bad rating.
If flo plays 8 games and wins 7, but half of the games are rated as bad performance (even though they are not) then it lowers the overall gain or loss at the end of the set.
I would bet if flo does another set at 50% win rate. 10 wins and 10 losses, but the amount of deaths is lowered to only around 2 per game flo goes up.
That is my thought. I think they look at a couple stats for a performance based rank up, but I would imagine something like a lot of deaths can cause the performance to flip. Which is stupid if it is a utility hero like mei that can die on the point for the victory.

We need more screenshots and stories to figure this out, but it still seems like what I said earlier above may be true.

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UPDATE 38 Wins and 7 loses later I finally got promoted to Bronze 2.

I am convinced now that Bronze 5 has a hidden SR of 0-1100 and most are placed near the bottom.

If 350 SR is 7 wins (not losing a game), it will take multiple refreshes to get out. From there every tier is 100 SR (B4 is 1100-1200).

Honestly I think this is deeply flawed and ripe for smurf abuse.

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Deaths definitely have a lot to do with it. They did in OW1 too, but there it was worth the risk of losing a few more SR on a loss because your death might secure the win. Here it’s not. There’s very little point in clutching if it means you might die and lose anyway.

At a guess, as well as stats shown on the scoreboard and in the hero panel in game, the ranking algorithm will be using stats which are now hidden but I’m sure are still recorded. The on fire meter for example has been “removed” but it is still there as they’ve left the voice lines in. Also I’ve noticed the team damage taken percentage stat has gone missing from the support role as well, unless I’ve just missed it. That was always a good stat to track in OW1 as it gave a better indication of performance than heals/10 does. For example if I have rein as a tank my heals are noticeably lower than the enemy support who might have an orisa. But I’ve not under performed compared to them in that case, it’s just a lot of the damage i could have healed has been soaked up by reins shield. These are just very basic examples, I’m sure they’re tracking a ton more stats which the scoreboard doesn’t reflect, or might even indicate the opposite.

Started bronze, plat 3 now. I have about a 70% WR and I’m usually in the top 3 for stats


You say 4 deaths but you ahve 167 deaths over 27 games thats on average 6 deaths per game

On my main I won all seven and got silver 2 dps or whatever
Then won seven more and got gold 3.
Then I won and lost some and got plat 4.

Basically it just went towards what I had the prior season which was barely diamond like 3024 or something so it ended up pretty close

I am currently recording every stats of my games to see if something is up, and why. To me, it seems Bronze 5 is just a never ending SR void. That’s why we don’t rank up visually.
Only heroes I’ve been to climb a bit are support, because I placed Bronze 4. Got up to Bronze 2 after several games, which I did not record. I’ll try to update my post when I got my 7 next wins.

So far, I am 0-2 on my next support games. But I’ve stellar stats, so who knows.

Also, does anyone know if the 20 wins are reset each time we reach 7 wins ? Like. If I lose 19 games, then win 7 in a row and change rank. If I lose the next one, will it change the rank again ?

Nice. Just hit gold 5 myself, jumping from silver 2. Started in Bronze 2. Hope it keeps rollingggggg

why would they need two hidden metrics
we all know mmr is rigged af
and it seems they have aim-based rigging now as well

this isn’t the reset we asked for and it’s not the right ranking system for a objective-based team-shooter where winning is the only thing that’s supposed to matter (i.e. rank around wins matchmake around same metric as ranking ie wins…and never use data which can be faked and spoofed).

What was your last OW1 sr?

I’m starting to think this is all BS tbh. I’ve ranked up from b1 to g2 then the last adjustment I stayed at g2. Which just so happens to be where I’ve been for the majority of OW1. Is it just fast tracking people back to where they were and then the adjustments are a lot slower?

Not ranked man


I skipped from B5 finally after 35 wins and update. 80% WR.

I am convinced Bronze 5 has a hidden SR of 0-1100 and people like me being placed near 0.

It’s forcing you to grind wins and you will only be put in a new tier or skip once you hit the hidden 1100. Flawed AF.


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Winning more then I lose.

When I win 7 games in a row I go up more than when I win 7 and lose 3.

here are my thoughts after climbing out:

Yeah but you are getting that kill and damage done against that tank you walled off… Not only that, if you do it consistently, the algorithm would recognize your other dps/tank did better playing with you; on or off mei, than they did with someone else. As for Moira, if they are consistently throwing therein damage orbs into situations wherein DVA doesn’t have to go out of way to eat them, then they are probably a bad Moira player to begin with; which the game would recognize.

Karq (GM support player) streamed yesterday and talked about developers dropped into his channel. Two developers who could not revealed the full mech told him that more “measure items” are took in consideration than just win / loss a game.

Its too bad the mechanics behind it arent clear, but hopefully wins/losses are the largest factor with certain performance statistics have only a moderate impact on rank changes.

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