Addressing the Bronze 5 and ranking issue all in one thread


To those who are still stuck in Bronze 5 after the October 13 Live Server Patch,

Based on: Finally out of Bronze 5 - those who are stuck READ HERE!

If average gain/loss of SR is 30 (could be up or down but the difference should be minimal):

Games needed to win 7 games Win Rate SR Changes 7 wins needed to get 1000SR 7 Wins needed to get 100SR
20 35.00% -210 never -2.10
19 36.84% -180 never -1.80
18 38.89% -150 never -1.50
17 41.18% -120 never -1.20
16 43.75% -60 never -0.60
15 46.67% -30 never -0.30
14 50.00% +0 0.00 0.00
13 53.85% +30 33.33 0.30
12 58.33% +60 16.67 0.60
11 63.64% +90 11.11 0.90
10 70.00% +120 8.33 1.20
9 77.78% +150 6.67 1.50
8 87.50% +180 5.56 1.80
7 100.00% +210 4.76 2.10

Hidden SR for each ranks:

Rank SR range
Bronze 5 0 - 1100 SR
Bronze 4 and above 100 SR between each rank

Assuming one play and carry in Bronze 5 and get an average WR of 50-60, that’s +90SR max, meaning that you will be seeing Bronze 5 for the next 12 adjustments.

And tbh with the influx of new players, maintaining a WR of 50 is consider lucky. So maybe after hitting 24 adjustments of Bronze 5, we can finally see progress. That’s like working two full time job.

To the devs:

  • Why is Bronze 5 pool so deep?
  • Why every new player is getting a recalibration while those stuck in 1000+ SR old players are pitch against new players who is testing out comp and got there because they failed to perform? (Yes, we may deserve to be in Bronze 5 but we are pitched against Bronze 6-10 players which is impossible to enjoy.)


  • Break the Bronze 5 pool into multiple smaller brackets (Beginner 1 - 5 from 0 - 500 & Recruit 1 - 5 from 500 - 1000) and increase each bracket to 1000 so no soft reset is require for old players (everyone stays in their old bracket in OW1).

Since its late into the season, some corrective action:

  • Provide an optional hard reset for old accounts (to retain those cosmetics earned in OW1 duhh)
  • Add 1000SR to all old OW1 players after changing the bracket.
  • DO NOTHING and let the game dies off like OW1 (20 minutes queue in Bronze 5) then launch OW3 in Metaverse with PVPVE

The goal is to make progression feels the same across the board and ensure that new/old competitive/casual players could actually enjoy the game by getting a fast rank up and slow rank down, thus reducing the toxicity (rank down/maintain = toxicity increase, rank up = happy & uplifted player, so some toxicity once in a while is good).

Btw, I don’t think the competitive players mind having a 1000SR range between Diamond to GM though XD, so maybe…

TLDR; Bronze 5 pool have a 1000SR range, this spreads the skill level gap too wide, it takes 10+ Rank Adjustment to see progress if you’re at the lower SR range.

* Added TLDR
* Added speculation warning
* Added table for Bronze 5 and other ranks
* Added 7 wins needed for 1000SR and 100SR

‘A’ for effort I guess. Anything is better than what we have now. Transparency, simplicity, auditability, accountability - buzzwords but u hate to see them not there.


I’m doing an adjustment a day. So you’re saying 12 days to get out?


Assuming you maintain a WR of sub 60, if anything lesser you might need more days.

This is all speculation but you can journal about it to see if it’s true haha.

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That’s assuming I don’t skip days… oh joy so at worse up to a month.

Don’t forget the first 12 hour period of NOT logging into a Comp match, your MMR starts to auto degrade by a set % until you play a comp game, win or lose.


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That’s really silly design considering true bronze5 players should be the type of weekend casuals that derp around for 4-5 hours a month, barely play, and have bad hardware. They’re not giving that population to us to climb on. Find those people and let me stomp on them until i’m silver.

You should be able to warp out of bronze5 with micro alone, if they’re rigging mmr around any kind of micro. A simple aim-trainer likee workshop code: hit all these moving targets and group up with ai rhein and combo ults etc…score better than the bottom 5% of the population and…not be bronze 5?

Like are we micro or macro on these assessments? This game should be all macro since it’s a team based hero-kit shooter paid out by winrate. Do all the stuff that makes things win even if it’s mindgaming the opponents afk from spawn.


Not to mention this is public solo comp and not even close to pro league.

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We defo need to split 1100 bronze SR into Wood tier, Iron tier, and Aluminum tier. So we have all metals gradation and the wood tier meme to be real :yum:

Or do what rocket league did and increase the tiers in each ladders to split up the 0-1100 grindfest. If the skill level is so wide between 0-1100 and 1100-1200 then the ladder is improperly designed.

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Blizzard purposely made it like that so we could grind more so that they may sell skins.

At the point now where even though I’m playing with a group of friends some are starting to pass in rank high gold low plat while I’m still Bronze 2 even though we always play as a group. Just won 7 games lost 1 only went from b3 to b2 which I killed it and got b3, 3 times in a row before that. I’m positive in wins, I don’t get it. I feel bad for the bronzers that are actually bronze especially since we roll them so badly sitting in spawn. Out of those 7 games none of them even won a round no jokes either I verified with my history…

How does being annoyed make me want to buy a cosmetic item that has no benefit to me?