Bronze 5 forever? won another 7 games still bronze 5

same with me. I won almost all matches and get Bronze 5. than playd again, won 7 in 9 matches, steel Bronze 5. no way. its a bug!

im having the same misunderstanding. if im a bronze player im ok with that and i will try to get better but i am 27 games played all dps i have won 21 of them i have placed multiple times and all bronze 5 it doesnt make sense to me.


I maybe there’s nowhere to move him into since silver is flooded now by ow1 plats and bronze is filled with gold players. I’m assuming that the new system also takes stats into consideration which probably why his division didn’t change.

Brother plat skill level in 2016 is probably equivalent to bronze today. People who have been playing this whole time have improved drastically.

4500 tank in OW1 consistent. Did placements. Was matched with and against other GM’s/Masters/Diamonds. Won all 7. 0 losses. Placed Gold 5.

Yes Sir.

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That’s weird. I was bronze tank in OW1 did my placements 5 won, 2 losses now I am gold 1

I don’t get it… I won 7 games and my rank didn’t change this is so upsetting. Is it bugged???

It legit looks weird. The sound and visuals of promotion just to show that it promotes you the exact same rank and division like before you won those 7 games. Like hello???

if it’s doing the same thing, why was I a high gold tank and place bronze 5? I only lost 2 games before getting my 7 wins. that to me makes no sense. I get more dmg and elims than my DPS. High gold to lowest Bronze makes 0 sense to me.

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Yeah it makes absolutely no sense. I went 7-0 in qualifiers and got placed in Bronze 5, what a joke. If 7 wins increases rank and i didn’t lose a single game in qualifiers how am I not at least Bronze 4? Classic blizz

We know that tiers are same, but divided into 5 subtiers, each representing a 100SR.

We also know that Bronze always was 3 times bigger, meaning Bronze V should be equivalent of 300 SR. In other words to leave Bronze V you need to win 13 matches straight (13*24=312SR), that is unless you overperform or underperform.

Winning 13 matches straight can be tough, so having high winrate over 50 matches should suffice to leave Bronze V

That’s not remotely how it works.

I won all 7 of my placements with 12k+ healing nearly every game. (No less than 10k)

Bronze 5.

I won my next 14 games. (ZERO LOSSES)

Bronze 5.

So you can -say- that’s how it works? That’s not how that works.

I won 5 games, lost 2, won another 2. Bronze 3 now.

So I have to have an 80-90% win rate to climb.


Let’s not talk about how I was a Diamond support in OW1. Bronze 5 is sub 500 SR?

You’re trying to tell me a -Diamond support-… belongs in sub 500 SR range?

You’re ACTUALLY defending this?

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Well, that was their guidelines. If isn’t working as intended is a bug.

I have simpathy with this sentiment, for real. I’m here only to see what they will do with halloween event and PvE tbh, my hope on PvP isn’t high due the amount of issues and things needed to be fixed. A thing that I called 3 months ago and some considered as “doomer”. It was clear that they didn’t had time to fix most of the problems from beta. I expected the same issues and some even worse. On practice range I found at least 2 bugs and those weren’t even on their list.

While at same time I try to help folks to actually play and see for themselves the state and if they like the game or not. There’s too many issues going on in this game and they barely reaching the surface of those issues.

That’s how it works. If isn’t working is a bug.

Is how it works, they gone in detail about it. If isn’t like that is a bug.

I don’t care what rank you’re, I just stated what they said how would work. if isn’t working like that is a bug. Whatever your rank is, doesn’t matter at all, at least for me.

You could be any rank. I just stated how supposed to work, if you doubt, go on the post about how comp is supposed to work, read it then, go on bug report section and report it, like many others already did.

Never defended, you’re targeting your frustration on the wrong target because if you actually keep reading other posts in this thread would find this:

If you disagree go ahead and read the full details of it:

If isn’t working as supposed to work you should report on bug repot section. Like many other folks already did. I don’t care at all if you are bronze, diamond or gm. Wouldn’t change the fact of what they said about how is supposed to work.

I hope that can clarify any doubt and you’re complaining towards the wrong target, I never defended it, just used their guidelines to try diagnose the behavior that if was a constant or not, if was would mean that is a bug like many others showed a certain pattern. They also said that folks would drop their rank at first and would exist some decline if folks spend too much time outside comp.

I dunno what more I can tell you, if isn’t working like that. Go ahead and report it on the right channels. Don’t take my post as me defending them, because never was a defense, instead take it as guideline due some of those cases could be actually the new system intended behavior, while some others could be due bug, until folks further test also the fact of the game being on “early access” which is a fancy name to hide the fact of “open beta” those kind of problems will happen. The game wasn’t ready to launch, I called it 3 months ago and still isn’t ready. Yet, here we are. I get you are frustrated but your frustration are missdirected.

Some would even try to excuse saying that is a “free to play game” as way to “defend” this mess. While they had several stuff that were “stable” which right now most of the aspects of the game are broken in some degree. The issue Isn’t about monetization is a about lack of testing and rushed development. They tried to deliver something that wasn’t ready and didn’t cared about the result by simply trying to deliver on the date, similarly to cyberpunk and other flawed “releases”. Which historically blizzard does tho, but these days they’re on whole new level, w3 reforged, d2r and now ow2 to quote a few.

I hope they fix it soon, otherwise I wouldn’t suggest or recommend anybody who wants to effectivelly test to play it tho.

  1. one of the devs mentioned all people will place lower in OW2 initially
  2. wins/losses matter far less than how your stats were in those games… :wink:

and? it’s ow2. it will never be more hyped than it is right now!
peak concurrent players should be like…the next 2-3 weeks.

there has to be some non-zero population for old bronze to beat. and we know there is, because i have friends/family who are legit new/bad to fps games in general. they play in bronze5 but have entirely different lobbies than my main (also bronze5). They have different hitreg and aim-tolerances (they can reg almost blindfolded).

if there isn’t an influx of fresh new air into the wound, i guess it’s gangrene by xmas.

it’s either dead or rigged because these lobbies don’t make sense for a normal skill distribution.

I think I figured it out. Finally out of Bronze 5:

just because you’re winning doesn’t mean you’re playing well. i went 6 for 7 and ranked up to Bronze 2 but it was because i was posting significant damage numbers and landing my shots. my kill avg/10 was 22. kills per life was above 4 and 5.27 deaths/10min. final blows 11/10min

I won 7 games lost 11 and i still stayed as a bronze 5.

Blizzard devs, can you please already fix that. It’s 5th series of 7 wins (with some but not many loses, and 4 of 5 times all my recently started playing friends got their rank promoted. But I am still on bronze 5, though I am usually top player in the match and played for quite some time and was Gold in OW1.
It’s like I’m playing for nothing. Very frustrating and demotivating.

If you start buying unlocks and mastery passes, they might be motivated to help you.

A bit.

Something is broken here, I have won way more than i have lost 7 placements and still B5 I am crap i know but without an indicator why is it even worth it.