Am I supposed to rank up every time?

I was silver 3, won 7 matches. Didn’t rank up this time at all (was bronze 5 originally). Is it bug or is there a legit possibility that you won’t rank up every time?

You don’t neccessarily rank up everytime. It’s not neccessarily a bug it could just decide you’re still needing to play in that Elo :slight_smile:

You can go up, down or stay the same. It’s more performance related now across matches as opposed to just win/loss so your own skills determine your rank (apparently)

It updates you every 7 wins, not ranks you up every 7 wins

okay but what about whenever i do perform extremely well during those 7 wins? Cause I have been. Getting top dps, and kills for most of my games. As well as not many deaths. And yet… Nothing. still bronze 5

And keep in mind. in no small margins either. Hell last night I had 2 games where i had 45+ kills, and 18k+ damage. Won the 7 games. lost 2-3 times.

It’s not just K/A/D D/H/M anymore.

It takes into account everything such as accuracy with things like soldier’s helix rockets, direct hits as pharah etc. Is your damage actually reflecting the average deaths per 10 minutes or is it mostly poke to a tank?

Yes you have low deaths and high kills but is that because of poor positioning? Are you using your ults effectively? Are you getting those solo kills as dps or just finishing off whatever’s left?

It’s not just a case now of win go next. It takes A LOT of data into account based on your individual performance.

Are you playing solo or as a duo because I have heard a rumour that can also impact things because it takes into account your partner. (again just a rumour so not sure how true that is)

I’ve been pretty accurate. I play junkrat. And I can assure you that my bombs, traps, and mines have been hitting their marks. Picking off plenty of dps and healers. Of course I’m not saying I’m plat or diamond worthy. But at the same time I should be getting SOME sort of progression here.

Exact same thing, I did extremely well compared to the players of my matches, I did almost everything on my own, got almost only solo kills, average accuracy but I’m still stuck gold 3 somehow, even with the “boost” Blizzard gave us (players that had the “ranked too low” issue).

At least youe gold. Im stuck at bronze 5. Literal lowest rank possible.

Yeah no its bugged if in dropping 50 kills 25k damage 8 deaths in a 17 minute game that isnt on par with plat as i have consistently had double killsn damshe 2 my other dps teammate

And another thing i was plat 5 promoted down to gold 5 and then it promoted me gold 1 so it said plat 5 gold 5 gold 1 all in one just doesnt make sense at all

Yeah no there is most definitely a bug considering the amount of people stuck in bronze 5 spite being a way higher rank in overwatch 1 i have a friend who was diamond 3400 stuck in bronze 2 atm

I have no idea if the system is smart enough to understand this, but in many situations as Junkrat it’s the correct play to just spam grenades down a hallway or around a corner for the purpose of zoning/area denial. When I’m actually trying to hit someone I’m a pretty good shot with Junkrat, but I fire plenty of shots that aren’t meant to hit anyone. I wonder if the system counts those against our direct hit % and makes it any slower to rank up even if you’re overall doing very well. I mainly play pharah and junkrat and the zoning shots are a thing on both heroes.

For whatever it’s worth though, I’m slowly climbing. I started at bronze 5, went up to bronze 3 and now silver 5, so it’s slow going but at this rate I should get back to my old rank of high gold eventually.

I don’t think rank adjustments take account of all the stats more than W/L.

Those stats are used to match you against people who have similar stats within the rank but at the end of day, you move up/down ranks based on W/L with minimal skew based on the overall match SR. There’re high fluctuation for new accounts though.

Assuming the speculation is correct, brackets after Bronze 5 is 100SR apart, meaning it is possible that you won 7 games and lost 5 or more and it puts you in the same rank.

It’s also possible that you maintain/drop even if your WR is higher because at the end of the cycle of 7 wins, you’re still at lost but will eventually climb back up at around 3/7 wins in your next cycle but it doesn’t show.

My problem with it though is that it recalibrates new players while soft resetting those who are around 1100SR in OW1 down to oblivion (<500SR) together with new players who failed to perform as they are understanding the game without giving us a chance to recalibrate.

And the devs aren’t even transparent about this. Winning 7 games with leavers and trolls is hard, it’s even disheartening to stay in Bronze 5 after carrying most games.

Finally out of Bronze 5 - those who are stuck READ HERE!