All you Gold and Plats in bronze 5

a lot of the really lame arguments…are the smurfs…ive noticed.

If it isn’t smurfs or high tier players dragged into an already bad cesspool, it’s new players with ZERO game mechanics jumping right into Ranked and ruining the match. Cowards should bring back SMS Protection for Ranked. Other competitive games have it no problem…

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I can’t relate to being in bronze at the moment but my Gold and Plat Matches are just Masters and GM widows and Soljourns popping off. Whoever has the best Smurf wins.

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This guy is in the ball :joy::football: footing the bill and objectives for bronzing players never easy.

Also Blizzard. Nothing wrong with a PR move lightly suggesting a core 1000 games played prior to ranked. Just saying…

To clarify…1000 games of any game…if you have to ask what type of game…then…woo boy, do I have an argument for you…

Welcome to the OW1 Gold/Plat experience.

Has any “GM” placed Bronze 5 that also played comp regularly and not just 5 games per season?

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On my second Account I went from Bronze to Gold and never saw bronze again, unless I logged into my original account, so I don’t subscribe to the idea that “Git Gud” is an instant panacea in a game full of casuals who are the worst of the worse in terms of gaming proficiency. It’s a bit too unserious, and the players aren’t even trying to improve in the vast majority of cases. They are like rank anchors.

Ended up in plat.

Still couldn’t be bothered to grind original account out of bronze. It’s the special ed of gaming. I don’t have the patience for it.

Once I learned how to play the game better, it was easier to buy a new account, skip past it with placements, and never have to see it again…

Or, so I thought!

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Yeah getting messages that I’m cheating as widow is annoying af I can’t help the rank system is stupid and I can’t help that you think I only have 4 hours on widow because blizzard destroyed the time played on all my hero’s. In all reality I was a widow main in OW1 but now I have to keep my profile private because it says I only have 4 hours and people are reporting me thanks blizzard

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Yes. Most players were put into Bronze lol. Its terrible the games are garbage, just stay away from comp they’ll never be able to fix it. Just play QP lol They just don’t have the ability to get competitive mode working correctly. Been like 6 years now they still cant do it lol. They never will. Actual bronze players you’re so bad its truly astounding, how can you make so many mistake per minute? Can we get an MPM mistakes per minute counter in game please or is there not even screen space at the lower ranks?

I nearly spit out my tea when it placed me. I was like uh what. When I bought OW over 4 years ago I placed silver without any ability in fps or much knowledge of the game. I was rusty at this game but ya… makes more sense now I guess. I know it’s not just me either cuz there was a Hanzo I was against the other day that was 1v3ing ppl consistently and he’s stuck down here with me too.

Sure am glad they removed SMS protect

I have seen people that 100% are not that great… as in never above 2k just dumpstering people over and over. The only thing I can think of is all of bronze and silver from OW1 is considered the same rank right now with the soft reset.

A person that is struggling to break into gold in OW1 playing against people that are sub 1k SR OW1 would destroy people. Honestly that is exactly what it looks like. People that CANNOT hear anything. People that run from spawn into the other team and never even attempt to wait for their team.

I had a Roadhog get out damaged, out assisted, out healed, out MIT and have FAR more deaths than a Brig on the same team. Every single stat that brig was better and that really shouldn’t be possible.

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There’s been people who were prior GM placed in bronze 5, and I’m prior Diamond. It’s just fooked right now.

25 characters…

I climbed out to plat 4 very quickly. I then proceeded to win 6 lose 1 and then win my 7th and it ranked me up to gold 1… why would I go down after a dominating

Exactly the same thing happened to me

On the rank up screen instead of showing my proper current plat rank, it said gold 5 promoted to gold 1

I just climbed to plat 5 this morning, not gold 5

I’m convinced the rank up system is bugged, i mean i just had visual proof minutes ago

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Bragging about being a dbag is kind of a weird flex.

Thinking having alts makes you a dbag is also weird but go off I guess.
Would you rather I lie about how many accounts I have?