Bronze 5 Placement, bug? - Unable to climb

Already made a post about it, but yeah, same here

Bronze 1 is better than bronze 4 which actually means that you got promoted 3 tiers. Not demoted.

I just finished my support placement games, I made 7 wins in a row and I’m in the “bronze 5” division. Why?
What’s the point of trying to win if there’s no difference between someone who makes 7 wins in a row and someone who plays without a keyboard or mouse, looking out the window?

I was a platinum/diamond player. Did my rankings, won 7 games and got highest damage and damage mitigated by far, placed in Bronze 5. I then shook that slap to the face off, won my next 7 games losing only 2 or three along the way, only to be placed back in Bronze 5 again. I am reading a lot of people are having this bug that means that they cant leave bronze and it is very demotivating, especially to see that Blizzard have yet to acknowledge it anywhere on.

Update: just won another 7 games with 1 loss, instead of ranking up it just kept me at bronze 5 again. It is cruel on these bronze players to keep me here stomping them. It’s also annoying because my friends are ranking up and I am staying the same, despite constantly getting highest DPS and high damage mitigation and barely dying.


We aren’t jumping to conclusions, the bug just doesn’t affect everyone. Some people are able to climb out of Bronze with their 7 wins, some people aren’t regardless of their contribution or win streak. Glad it works for you.


check out this link, claims to know the issue

Infos are interesting.
Anyway if the system works in this way, simply is bad.
In order to don’t get frustrated people need a feedback of their progressions.


its not busted. If you solo queue bronze is where blizzard thinks you belong.

Definitely bugged, should be fixed by new patch: Overwatch 2 - Patch Notes


As said above a patch is coming out and should address this craziness. GL all! glad it got noticed and they looked into it. :ok_hand:

I have the same problem, i have won 46 games for 31 lose and i cant move of Bronze 5, it’s frustrating and demotivating to keep playing…


give it a bit and it should improve if your rank still does not after the patch was launched then from what they said it is a improvement/skill issue. (this isn’t coming from me so don’t come at me please).

It was finally addressed!


  • Many players were ranked too low during the first week of Overwatch 2, so we are implementing a boost as players continue to play games for those affected by this issue.
  • Players who were ranked too low could have the feeling of being stuck in this rank. Moving forward, players should be able to climb the ranks in their first rank update assuming they’re supposed to be higher based on their performance.
  • Players who haven’t ranked will not experience this issue after this patch.

P.S.- Screw all the people who said it was a skill issue and not a bug.

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Still sad that they didnt mentioned anything before.

Although I don’t know the placement system in its entirety doesn’t it also rely on stats and performance during the match(which may cause a difference between you and your friend)? Although I do agree that it seems very suspicious that people are unable to rank up at all.

Guys this is … what is this… i win 28 game i was the best dmg, and kill, got play of the game etc… and still in bronze 5 why… why… why… ??? The last update isn’t fix this please do someting… reset the ranked or i don’t know… but this is NOT GOOD… And even i can’t climbe… And i think its not enough… “we fix it you can climb” because i don’t wana climb i wana the right ranked… and not bronze 5… Thx all

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So tell me when do you wana fix it…

Still broken for me. I cant seem to go up at all dispite people in my own squad going up whole ranks while I outpreform everyone in the lobby on healer but I am still being robbed of my elo. They didn’t fix anything


For me it is still broken.
I came to the game for competitive and now im just disappointed :frowning:

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As of October 14th, I have won seven games (and only lost a few) as support after getting wrongly placed in Bronze 5 and I didn’t rank up. I’m still in bronze 5 despite winning seven games. So, I’m pretty sure that it’s still broken - doesn’t seemed fixed (at least on my end).

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