Need SR help and advice! Please!

I feel stupid but need to know what I am doing wrong…thanks for any advice or info you can give. Okay this game is driving me crazy and maybe one of you can help explain this to me. I went 7 and 3 in my placements for support and last season I finish high silver 1980 ish but I got put at bronze 5. Blizzard said that there was a bug placing people in Bronze 5 but they fixed it but I see a lot of people on the forums still having that issue so bug no bug whatever… I figured I’ll just climb back up so I played 9 games of which I won 7 for a total of 7 and 2. I get the screen that says rank up and then it says congratulations and guess what still in bronze five??? Like what the actual ……What am I missing here I am legit about to quit I feel like I am missing something but I have studied the way the system is supposed to work and there is no way I stay at B5 going 7 and 2?? I truly don’t understand any idea wtf is going on? I have played a total of 19 games winning 14 of them so far this season but yet I have somehow lost like 2k SR? Again sorry for rant and any advice would be greatly appreciated!


read the below thread
tl;dr b5 spans abt 1000 sr u need a lot of grinding to get out

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