Comp ranking bugged?

They clearly stated each rank is a 500 sr range.

world, where is that stated? im not trolling or arguing, it just wasn’t an easy google, and im lazy? lol :slight_smile:

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That is not relevant to bronze. Unless everyone below 1000SR got magically boosted up to 1000SR. Which they didn’t.

No bronze is 0 - 500 , they haven’t gained anything.

On their competitive update post , go read it

i dont see anywhere that says its 500sr per rank?

is this the article youre referring to?

or can you paste link to where u read what ur talking about?


Okay but silver starts at 1500.

So what is between 500 and 1500?

“each division represents approximately 100sr” their exact words.

while i personally think that would be true for bronze 4 and up, i believe the use of apporximate is in reference to bronze 5 where there is MORE sr to gain.

i apologize for missing that statement. ive been skimming in between games. I think we can all agree… the ranking system is ineffective. it was in ow1 as well. I started during beta ow2. 1 in 5 games at best were competitive. between the smurfs, and the people trolling or “on their own time(playing modern warfare solo run n gun)”, and just people being where they dont belong… few games are “fun.”

in ow2 people are placing all over the place and its the same thing… few games are competitive. There are plenty of ppl in s*** league that dont belong, but will have to suffer a LONG LONG LONG grind to separate themselves from the ppl who never watched 1 guide, stream, or ect. have no idea whats going on. If you dont que w/ a friend whos carrying on an alt account(so many people do) youre already mathematically behind.

EDIT: adding a thought.
A: plenty of games have hidden mmr, showing your mmr/sr doesnt change an ineffective system. mmr showing is kind of “recent” - last 5-7 years. In a lot of games over the years you would have to use a third party upload system to determine your somewhat accurate mmr.

B: i think its easy to see how people assume that they would see some sort of change after 7 or 20 games… i get it. especially after 3,4,5 sets and still no change. and considering how f’d up everything else is… its easy to presume theres a bug.

There is no bug. People need to stop focusing so much on the winning aspect. It is a performance based ranked system. Which means win or lose, in order to rank up you have to be better on average (either at your 7 wins or 20 losses) than most if not all the players you have played with and against. In order for your wins to be significant you have to be directly responsible for them. At the same time if you were to get stomped by a smurf but still performed well under the circumstances, you wouldn’t be responsible for that loss.

Guess there’s still trolls trying to defend Blizzard to the bitter end.

Guys. There’s a bug. Plain and simple.

Stop saying there isn’t. It needs fixing and Blizzard have yet to look at it. It’s very off putting right now.

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How is there a bug? Logic alone dictates that there isn’t. Every player stuck in Bronze I’ve seen was gold or silver prior, and those any higher had stats unbecoming of their rank. In the games people keep complaining about winning they’re not actually the reason that their team won, so why would their performance based sr increase? Players have been ranking up after getting placed nearly 1000sr lower without a problem, including many players in Bronze 5. Instead of assuming it is a bug, stop worrying about your w/l ratio and instead focus on becoming a more well rounded player. Regardless if it is a bug or not that is what competitive should be in the first place.

So in the history of video games there’s never been a bug ever? Every game is made perfect?

Care to share whatever it is youve been smoking?

What sort of asinine deduction is that? I don’t remember writing the words “in the history of video games there has never been a bug ever.” Maybe I did write that though bc my brain bugged out from all the gfuel I’ve been smoking trying to grind out of Bronze 5.

What sort of asinine deduction is that? I don’t remember writing the words “in the history of video games there has never been a bug ever.” Maybe I did write that though bc my brain bugged out from all the gfuel I’ve been smoking trying to grind out of Bronze 5.

i mean… seemingly theres like, 1,000,000 bugs… this is a terrible launch… BUT, i think with whats in front of us its more likely that its just a terrible MMR system… not a bug. People are placing way lower than they should be… since the population is mostly gold and lower (according to a quick google) - but still are climbing out. People are crying for transparency of mmr, but that wont fix the poor foundation :stuck_out_tongue:


Overwatch Competitive Rank Distribution: PC and Console

PC distribution · Bronze - 0 to 5.5% · Silver - 5.6 to 20.0% · Gold - 20.1 to 49.0% · Platinum - 49.1 to 77.4% · Diamond - 77.5 to 91.4% · Master - 91.5 to 97.1%.

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Is there any information showing that those figures are relevant to Overwatch 2 or simply the latest data collected, which could have been from a month ago.

No, i couldnt find anything else, not that i took longer than 2 minutes looking… but i mean, how much did they really change in this release :stuck_out_tongue: amiright!!! but, heroes of the storm is roughly the same way, and starcraft is 20/20/20/20/18/2/.02 (b/s/g/p/d/m/gm) so… i mean, i think its pretty safe to assume no matter how u cut it, with the way the placements have been treating the player base, there is a LARGE / HALF / unproportionate distribution in the bronze / lower ranks at the moment… thats why the first few days the streamers has 20+ minute que times… there wasnt anybody up there.

if only thats how it actually worked

Figured it out I think - I made it out of Bronze 5. THERE IS HOPE!