Discouraged and dont want to play anymore

There are people in my rank who literally just run in and die over and over solo. no team play, no kills. they just feed their brains out.

there are people in my rank who pop skulls nonstop, effectively winning the game for their team by themselves.

then there is me. I literally get top heals 90% of games, with the 10% being close second. I get the least deaths 90% of the time, with the losses being close second.

I am healing out of my mind and topping the charts every game. and cannot figure out why i keep getting bronze 5 over and over.

it is the lowest rank. reserved for people with no aim, no game sense, no knowledge of the maps or their heros abilities. it is the place for throwers and trolls.

I am in this rank meaning my skill level as a healer is literally the worst possible it can be. I dont see it. But the game tells me so so it must be.

Frankly this is not fun. I gave it a few weeks. I am healing out of my mind and I see the other healers in the same games as me doing less than half my healing, double my deaths, etc. I am seeing dps players feed left and right (on either team)

this isnt a “im not bad” post. its both sides. Im seeing the skill difference on both sides be so insane, it makes me wonder if higher ranks even exist. surely that widow should have been plat?!

its literally a coin flip. my skill has nothing to do with my rank. and if im just playing casually, ther are other games that are more fun. i played this game for comp.



I don’t know how u play but if I were to guess off what you’ve said I would say ur not doing enough damage. I know it sounds stupid but u don’t need to heal if the enemy is dead. Even if it’s throwing in a couple of pot shots every now and then just to put pressure on the enemy so they don’t have as much freedom to do what ever they want. Healing is great if you have a competent team but if you don’t even having double the healing stats of the enemy won’t help you so you have to take it into ur own hands.

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don’t give up go bap ana or moira and try to do dmg as well as healing
good on you for staying alive, play selfishly - if teammates feed you dont have to overextend to save them, keep doing what you’re doing and you will make it out
check out this thread b5 is 1000sr it takes a lot of Ws to get out

Hey man,

I know this can be frustrating, you’re in a rank where you feel like you don’t belong. And frankly, the ranked system in OW2 is clearly bugged, there’s people who used to be diamond being dropped in bronze 5, so some bug is going on.

That aside, when you’re playing a match, in the heat of the moment you’re gonna do a LOT of dumb idiotic things, without realizing they’re dumb idiotic things. A BIG way to improve, if you’re motivated to do so, record all your matches, rewatch the ones you lose, look NOT ONLY AT YOUR TEAMMATES BEHAVIOUR, look at yourself.

-Were you playing as mercy, and perhaps keeping your healing beam on someone who’d already reached full health?
-Did you enter a corridor from where you could hear enemy footsteps, and maybe you should’ve gone somewhere else
-Did you try to ressurect an ally who died in a location where you were BOUND to die (for example in the middle of the action)
-Did you maybe use an ult at an inappropriate time? Or not coördinate your ult with an actually important push or defense?

When rewatching your own gameplay, while not actually playing, it gives your brain the time to focus on every detail, you can pause, go over things, see things in a different light, and learn from it. When your brain doesn’t have to be occupied with all the chaos currently going on, and making split second decisions, i think you’ll find watching video’s gives you a deep and much more clear insight in YOUR gameplay

On top of that, as a healer, you NEED to analyse in the match which of your allies is MOST worth your healing, if you have to choose between being able to only save the soldier who’s got 10K damage and 25 elims, or the Echo with only 6.5K dps and 14 elims. Or have to choose between saving a Reinhardt with his ult, or the Soldier who doesn’t have his ult charged. You need to analyse which player in your team is the strongest, or most useful, and focus on saving them.

Despite what everyone says, when it comes to gameplay, overwatch is an amazing game. It’s hard to rank up, people are quick to blame their team, but never themselves, causing them to be permanently stuck in their own ways of playing, and being stuck playing the same way all the time, is how you stagnate and stay where you are.

This is my biggest advice to people who want to rank up. Look at the video’s, look at YOUR gameplay, and learn from it.

You will ALWAYS have matches where you matchmaking just messes you up and you get unlucky with who your teammates are, but realistically. Unless you’re really unlucky, you should be getting a 50/50 winrate, if you play how you should.

I wish you the best of luck my dude, go out there and dominate

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what’s your damage boosted per 10?

idk i dont really play mercy anymore
as others have said, dps healers are better because they can still keep up with mercy in terms of heals but also get kills too

This guy white knighting lmao. Where did that ask advice from someone else low elo? The game is borked hard for everyone no matter ur skill. Every match is pure rng dice roll now

Already DPS healer main, and I have been harder at DPS and pushing since that’s what people have said to do - still no luck.

Most of the time, it doesn’t matter what you do as healer, not in bronze or silver at least - and lord knows I’m never seeing higher than that again.

Massive heals as Moira and Kiriko and Bap, almost as many elims as the DDs and then double that again in assists. 60 Kitsune rush assists, 12+ saves as Bap plus matrix assists, and still in bronze.

And again it’s "healer diff’ and DDs crying about how the other team are targeting them, and me being like yes, that is how this game works, or crying for someone to take care of the widow.


Honestly, It isn’t really any better the higher you go. Games are a blow out one way or another every time. This match maker is absolute garbage at creating fun balanced games.

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Skill issue, stop being a healbot and you will climb.

Doesn’t matter, not a healbot and still can’t consistently change things. And then I get told off for not being a healbot.

Im top 100 doomfist lmao. U must be low elo, worst matches of a pvp game in 30 years of playing games.