Bronze placement bug is INSANE

Silver 4 is the same… bugged, u cant get up with rank.

This isn’t true. I consistently had 12k healing EVERY SINGLE GAME while the other healers had 5-7k healing, I won FOURTEEN GAMES IN A ROW and I a placed bronzze 5, and I am still bronze 5 after winning another 7.

So this is absolutely untrue.

My highest rank in OW1 was Diamond support.

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If you were to take a 20 question test but got questions 3, 4, & 5 wrong, and as a result you failed the test; regardless if you got the first 2 or next 15 right, is that the correct way to evaluate your performance on the test? Just translate that to competitive.

Again stop focusing on the wins. If you were truly a diamond support player you will climb out of bronze 5. That being said I have 24 diamond support players on my friends list with public career profiles (or friends only perhaps). None of them placed bronze 5 or even close to it.

Why though? If you lost 6 for example, won 7…why should it move?

Even in OW1 SR number for losses was bigger than for wins.

In League of Legends if you win you gain LP. Say get 4 wins then you enter promos (which is 3 more games) and then you can rank up.

You actually see progression, and can always gauge where you are at any given time. You know your wins, you know your losses mean things.

In Overwatch 2?

Blizzard: “Play 7 games and you might…like rank up…or not we dunno LOL ¯_(ツ)_/¯”

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I would say compare stats of the character you played to everyone in all ranks

I think thats how the system determines your rank

Lol. The new retort…

“Were you Actually… Truly… Unequivocably… Faultlessly… Majesticaly Gold/Plat/Diamond/Masters?”

Or were you just riding the wave of Brigitte-enabled SR Farmage from 2018?

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There is definitely something off with the ranked system. Got placed in bronze and although I’m not that much of a good player, lots of people playing with me are DEFINITELY not bronze players.
Genjis being able to keep track of enemies while jumping above the enemy head and consistently hitting M2 headshots during it, hitscans that know how to keep their crosshair at head level to get plenty of headshots, Balls that know to go for health packs instead of sitting pressing X…

that doesn’t translate to competitive. you cant fail in ranked.
if you go 17 and 3, you’re up sr. like significantly up sr.

Going to say the same thing as in another thread:

What I suspect is happening is that Bronze5 is a very deep rank that goes from “hidden SR” of 0 - 1100 (speculative numbers purely for help explaining), with ranks above that being ~100 deep. (ie B4 1100-1200).

Since it seems to be mainly affecting people coming back from a long’ish break, I suspect that it takes your previous rank, decayed all the way to 0 (or nearly to 0) as your starting point and adjusts your rank starting from there.

This could explain why it seems that people are stuck at bronze 5 winning 21 games in a row (say 350ish pts per 7 wins w/o a loss), and then suddenly start jumping up 3-4 ranks at a time (per 7 game winstreak) once they finally hit that B4 threshold. Obvs if you are losing several games in the process, it would make sense that it takes longer to dig yourself out of the massive B5 hole.

I was a Diamond support right before servers shut down.

I was placed bronze 5 after winning all 7 games with almost (Or exceeding) 12k healing each game.

Try another theory.

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Ranked confirmed to be broken, should be fixed by new patch: Overwatch 2 - Patch Notes

Wanna retract that now? Funny how Blizzard acknowledged it and fixed it as of today.

oh jeez… im so embarrassed. i made a vague comment suggesting a possibility. how ever will i recover.

edit: care to provide a link or copy paste?

by claiming dunning kruger after patch fix

seems to be contagious… lot of that going around :slight_smile:

the past 10 mins the game has been loading mystery heroes and failing to connect. its redic

This bug is just: lol!
How long have they been developing for this? How much money do they want you to pay for this in the shop, and with an Battle Pass that is not enabling you to get the next one if you play a lot like other games?

But Besides the missing motivation it was devastating as a gold Support main in OW1 to be put into Bronze5 after starting OW2. All these things and problems feel so much like an unfinished early access game of a small company, after one or two years of development.

@Blizzard: Things Like this makes us feel screwed by you, and only used as a cash cow. Everyone knows that your main goal is to make money. But trust me: You will make more money, especially from me if your product would be also fun and motivating and i would feel it worth to support you instead of beeing milked…