Comp Update from Bronz 5 to Bronz 5

I was 1300 last season in DPS and it took 21 wins, over roughly 30 games, to advance from b5 to b4, with me trying extremely hard and using all of my communication skills to fuzz with people.

It’s not bugged but what I theorize has happened is they eliminated the bottom 1000sr to create a new curve that makes it harder to advance, especially at the bottom of the ladder. Hence why you hear people saying “everyone was dropped 1000sr”; masters is now plat.

They are also trying REALLY hard to get people’s focus off of the actual rank. It’s actually easier to determine what your rank is by looking at the icon than the actual number in your profile. >_<

See - I am not trying hard at all. I am team wiping them on first fight with Mei and then steam rolling from there. Every game.

It’s comical how easy it is. It shouldn’t take 60+ games for me to grind out a visual rank to be start being matched with good players.

And you should have to. Blizzard Comp is toxic forcing you to curbstomp bronze players. They should be ashamed in 2022 to create a system this evil.


What were you previously ranked in the Damage role?

Nope. Never played in the Damage role queue in OW 1 - only Tank which I have not done placements for in OW2.

I’ve played QP every Monday for years with friends and I have a lot of game skill and knowledge of heroes. Never touched ranked since season 4 until last season I did Tank placements to get my last 15 points for gold skin in Tank queue. I placed Bronze 1 then which is understandable since I never touched ranked for years.

hmmmm. Then you’d be placed as a fresh account where it appears at be at the very bottom of the ladder, at b5 (or 1350 if “everyone was dropped 1000sr” holds true). According to the developer update every bracket equates to around 100sr so once you advance to 1500, or previous silver, you’d see an advance of 1 bracket.

“Keep winning and you’ll go up” does hold true, surprisingly. You should go up a tier very soon if you go over 50%, but I do agree that it feels kinda wonky.

I’ve been recording the games and stats to see how long it takes to push on the Damage que - only Mei.

I’m leaning towards what you are saying here and decay might be putting a lot of inactive competitive accounts at 0.

What’s broken about the system is that it should be pushing you closer to 50% WR and pushing you up to the ceiling.

Right now, it’s creating a deep bucket of crabs trying to climb to the top. Those that are higher skilled are stuck cause of how high they have to grind a lot wins just to get there. Basically just shoving the actual bronzes against the floor.

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I did another 7 wins and 1 loss and got Bronz 3, so maybe Bronz 4 just doesn’t register?

it seems to be only bronze 5 that is having this issue. I went from d5 to d4 with like a 60% winrate at best (the stats we have are pathetic so I cant actually tell you my role win percentage).
its either bugged or bronze 5 isnt the ‘sr floor’.
as in, you haven’t gained enough sr to counteract how far below bronze 5 you were placed.
both are speculation but they are the two that make the most sense to me.
either way its kinda pathetic.

I’ve already played against 2 full teams of Masters in bronze 5. Add in the throwers, leavers, little kids streaming on twitch to see how toxic they can get before a ban ( yes for real ) and it like… Overwatch 1 was to a T.

Okay, now I am in silver 5. I am thinking Bronz 4 and 5 are bugged.

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Just had a rank update

Bronze 5 to…

Bronze 5

What a great game!



How many updates are you on now?

I am seeing reports of people on 5 updates and still Bronze 5

Like 4th-5th update +++++++++++

On update 4, I made Bronz 3, then made Silver 5 on update 5. Update 1, 2, and 3 were Bronz 5.

Been seeing a lot of threads about Bronze 5, so wanted to throw my experience out there.

I also started at B5, and got B5 again upon my next set of 7 wins. Then last night on my 3rd “placement”, I got B3. So it is definitely possible to move out of B5, just might take some time depending on your true rank and the sort of matches you’re getting.

Overall, I’m sure matchmaking is just a mess right now since it’s a new system and tons of people are needing to be placed. I heard that most people are being initially placed lower than their true rank, so B5 is probably a hot mess of higher-ranked players, true B5, and people that just came back to the game after not playing for years.

What I suspect is happening is that Bronze5 is a very deep rank that goes from “hidden SR” of 0 - 1100 (speculative numbers purely for help explaining), with ranks above that being ~100 deep. (ie B4 1100-1200).

Since it seems to be mainly affecting people coming back from a long’ish break, I suspect that it takes your previous rank, decayed all the way to 0 (or nearly to 0) as your starting point and adjusts your rank starting from there.

This could explain why it seems that people are stuck at bronze 5 winning 21 games in a row (say 350ish pts per 7 wins w/o a loss), and then suddenly start jumping up 3-4 ranks at a time (per 7 game winstreak) once they finally hit that B4 threshold. Obvs if you are losing games here and there in the process, it would make sense that it takes longer to dig yourself out of the B5 hole.

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This it I believe.

on win 28 (7 loses) I finally hit the 1100 number and it skipped me to Bronze 2

I went into bronze 5 for each role when I was a diamond player previously. I’ve won most of my support games, got the seven wins to qualify next ranking…bronze 5. It’s so bugged blizzard need to adjust those that have played already to their correct skill levels. Just had two matches whereby both dps had 5 kills TOGETHER the whole entire game….screaming at the tv doesn’t cover this frustration when I don’t deserve to be down in bronze with these players.

For some peace of mind I think I know what is happening: